What do you need to know to be a goat in PvP ? ( passive and active buffs)

yes I also felt that at the beginning of the game, that the skill was much more important. But I was not high level so I thought it might be related. Currently I want to believe that people with BIS are really advantaged


thank you for this great comment! Lots of good tips.
I fully understand your combat logic by weakening the opponent, it’s really interesting.

Everything you said was very clear, but I wonder about this famous 10% thanks to the city buffs: Is it enough to have a house in an area where the rulers of the colony apply this buff?
So just paying the house to get 10% more HP all the time? it’s broken

Anyone who thinks pvp going from more skill based to more gear based is a good thing isn’t actually a pvper.



Get houses in Everfall + Windsward and it should be applied at all times. It’s like 600 hp, not broken at all.

Compared to trash gear, yes. Compared to the right gear everyone can easily get, not highly advantaged.

you can be a healer and then act like a actual goat. you’ll never die so you just throw a heal under you, and then eat grass or type in chat. ‘BAHHHH’

As others probably know, but I’ll reinforce it.

Beginner level PvP aims:

-Level 60
-constant use of honing stones and buff food
-150 or 200 con (50 for musket)

  • set up stats to scale with the weapons you are using
  • try to use weapons that scale with similar stats, if not use gems
  • use weapons with consistent dmg multipliers on or dmg increasing procs
  • have health pots and regen pots on hotbar at all times
  • 5/5 resilient is what you want on armour. 4 pieces is the absolute minimum you wanna use
  • use good weapon perks on your armour and in some cases on weapon
  • use amulet with health on
  • use earring with refreshing toast on

Any other basics I missed for best PvP tips?

Started long before that.

The preview in August 2020 (a year before beta) was when the general masses got their first taste of New World and many MANY people struggled with what was actually Souls-like combat (not surprising).

This video covers it pretty nicely:


(That video also makes me sad remembering how much better the sword ability animations were.)


The good ol’ days. The alpha was extremely fun…
Lifestaff bubble, lifestash dash… Firestaff incinerate and mortor… the 3 weapon slots… so on so forth xD

All literal history now… and imo is the cause for all of NWs current problems with combat/PvP

I’d say IMO they should ‘bring back’ their original designs to the board but Ik it would never happen

Still anyways brings back good funny memories xD

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After 2k hours learning asking the way this guy is giving everyone the answer.


All things that average pvp player isn’t thinking about but it’s all the difference. If someone hits you with a jav throw for example and follows it up with skewer they are probably using sundering jav and enfeebling skewer. If you go swinging away at them immediately upon getting to you lose.

Know when to remove debuffs and when to apply then. There is also a time to fold and run.

Know your enemy. If you see an IG mage standing in ice storm there is a reason. If someone drops oblivion and you see 2 melee come at you he was wiping your buffs. If someone screams a healer he did it for a reason.

Watch for these things in opr and you learn when to strike and when to bounce

man that clip makes me sad… such a cool system. i still can’t believe they listened to those idiot streamers; so obvious they only wanted a ‘no respawn’ mode to maintain viewers

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6 friends to jump all careless noobs exploring alone

No such thing as goat in game where real damage dealers can’t get close to targets before being gangbanged by fire mages and rangers

PvP = bullshit mode