What do you prefer?

Hey everyone!

With the recent merges it got me thinking…

What do you prefer? An emptier server? Or having to sit in a queue? Just curious, I think I would prefer a queue. Nothing insane but a full town is such a good feeling to me.


I would prefer if the decisions were made closer to implementation.

The decisions on which servers to move where seem to have been made based on data from weeks/months back.

US - East:

  • Two servers merged into Castle of Steel which was the highest population US-East server
  • No servers merged into Maramma which has the lowest of the remaining US-East servers

I wish feedback from the community was, at the very least, acknowledged.

  • I responded within minutes of Aenwyn’s announcement.

The Option to Choose either one, especially whenever is always the best. Like, there’s Queue on Alps? Ok, temporary or paid transfer to Mara. Also, can’t NW have ‘layers’ implemented?

I think many gatherers would love farming on empty servers tho. While PvPers would prefer a Queued server.


PVP player needs more meat
Gimme some

If there was an inter-server auction, then with great pleasure I would remain alone on the server. And if OPR and Arena were also inter-server, then in general I would be happy!

PS I’m the player whose computer can’t handle the battle for the city.


As I am a PvPer myself, I would definitely prefer a queue than emptier server. However, with how the current war system is, that is not achievable unless you force people into a server without transfers as everyone will continue to run from each other and have a never ending cycle of companies leaving because of how extremely competitive that server is, but then the company(ies) that are those best of the best will swap server to “look for competition”. Maybe too far, but the more people, the better for my personal interest. Its an MMO after all.

If the server have big queue - channels. If small population merge or just ask ppl who play there, bacause they are there just because they like smaller population.

For this game, I would say a slightly emptier server.

Mainly because the global chat can be a bit much and the community is a bit more tight knit. When I was on Frislandia before the population really shrank, I knew most of the people in the wars and it was fun to be against people I knew.

Now I’m in Valhalla and it’s just so hard to participate in wars and now that the population is much higher it’s tough to even run my farming routes (nodes already farmed). I think the packed town feeling can be a very fun feeling. I came from Ultima Online where Brit Bank and Delucia Pond were always hopping with people. The only difficulty is the incentives to PVP in New World are entirely different so it doesn’t drive people to hang out in the towns for the same reasons.

Don’t get me wrong, I think packed servers can be fun, it’s just tough to feel like a part of the community of New World with so many other players and the rosters get stacked with all of the same people (it seems). The wars/invasions seem like the main “thing to do” besides running dungeons and farming for gear.


i think it depends i know people who like a smaller server and i prefer alarger but not always full server. i thin having one or to servers that arfe low pop would be ok just give everyone on it when its average population decreses to an amount you deem low enough free transfers and they can use them or they can stay

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You call some place paradise, kiss it goodbye - General Discussion / General Discussion - New World Forums

I’m sure you’ll be able to guess my opinion.

make one world system. Let him do what he wants. Why do you insist on not making a single world system?


We had two servers in AP Southeast but now we are down to one,
Delos - High Pop
Utopia - Low Pop

I used to do Dungeons and PVP content in Delos and transfer to Utopia to gather and farm. Since Delos had 3 people sitting on orichalcum nodes whenever I’m able to play. On High pop servers resources are a scarcity for casual players.

I would prefer if we had a 1:1 ratio between high and low-pop servers, so people have a choice.
One major problem I’ve seen with low pop servers was the Invasions and how hard it was to get 50 people into the invasion. With stations downgraded those servers can’t exist. So if you guys can make invasions depending on the server pop that’d be great. Either the difficulty or the frequency.

If you are planning to open New Servers to tackle this, please don’t allow people to transfer into those servers for at least 2-3 months. Give double XP for everything on those new servers and only allow new characters. Fresh servers with no dupped gold and items. No gold from money printing companies and no gold sellers. Would be nice and I can only daydream.


that’s it! +1


Well, all good, but my farming nodes are all gone. -_- Think a lot of bot though.

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Look, a lot of these server population-related discussions are great for mono-culture servers.

But have a look at life in AP Southeast.

That’s Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, China, etc.

A crowded server in this region is one where most people don’t understand each other.

Random dungeon groups are never all-English-speakers.
Finding companies to join where you’re the only one speaking X language really sucks.
The chat channels have 1 message in your native language for every 5 that aren’t, unless you manage to get super lucky during an off-peak time.
Etc etc.

And as Arty mentioned above, we had people move away from Delos into Utopia after previous merges (not the latest merge, the one before it) to get away from the crowds and aggressive PVP communities. And some people would move between those servers depending on how they wanted to play for a chunk of time. They had freedom to play in ways that suited them.

Now all of those varying playstyles are forced together, and it’s pushing more and more people away from the game. Think of Bartle’s taxonomy of player types here - not everyone is focused on killing and high-intensity PVP stuff, some people wanna explore or achieve or just chill out in a digital social setting. If people come online to socialize and all they see if “join OPR now!!” or “i need a 3rd for arenas”, that’s not gonna gel with the socializer playstyle.

I hear EU had some languages specified in their servers, which would be wicked for AP Southeast too - but did they get merged into fewer servers in the last merge too? If so, they’ll start seeing similar problems.

Whatever solutions AGS implement and whatever the community fantasizes over in forum posts & subreddit posts can’t be blanket one-size-fits-all solutions. Hell, every time someone mentions cross-region gameplay I just cry at the thought of high latency gameplay.

In a perfect world, we could spin up our own servers. Whether it’s some standalone self-hosted thing or some Minecraft Realms-styled host-pays-for-server system, that’d be awesome. Communities can have more control over their experience if they have their own servers to play with.


I prefer a happy middle ground - most of the towns feeling “alive” is very nice to me, but I also love to gather and I hate how cutthroat that is on fuller servers. The state of Barri pre-merge except for faction balance was to me the perfect playerbase size. Since the merge I feel like I can’t keep up with all of the wars and politics and my gathering routes are contested unless I stay up until 4AM


I preferred my lower pop compared to the pop of my merged server.

I’m in AP so only Delos remains can’t transfer to a lower pop server unless I change region

I enjoyed the tight knit community of the lower pop, and participating in wars and invasions, a lot of uncontested nodes and farming

I think if there were some cross server PVP like OPR and 3v3 and practice wars low pop can work

It would be good to have the choice.


I much prefer a smaller server. Our company and sister company controlled a few territories on Pluto (the smallest US East server at the time, if I can recall) before we were merged with Castle of Steel, and the experience since then has felt like a totally different game.

Having constant OPR and 3v3 arenas on CoS is amazing and it means I will always have the chance to improve my skills, but I preferred Pluto because the more tight-knit community felt more friendly and chill. It being smaller also meant nearly everyone had a chance to be slotted into wars and maybe even control a territory. If the gamemodes I mentioned earlier ever get cross-server support, I would argue having a smaller server like that would be the way to go!


High pop, full town OPR all day/night

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Full server and queue =)