What do you think are the biggest points of frustration in the New World?

New World is a mmo that is hitting a good start and crashing at the same speed. What do you think motivates people to leave this mmo so early? Maybe the developers read this and can self-criticize.

According to me;

The game was introduced as a casual game. It has an easy and understandable interface with 3 skills and attracted the attention of people with its different combat mechanics. However, the developers made mistakes after mistake in every patch (most of them because the codes were already broken), making the game one of the fastest crashing games in mmo history. There were many reasons for this, there were also factors such as bugs, lag, pvp instability, lack of content, dupe and bots. But ex-mmo players are used to most of this from the game they’re already playing. Of course, these should not be mistakes, but we know that there are things that can be fixed over time, and if we like the game, we will continue to play. But unlike these, the biggest blow was that the developers were very unfamiliar with the mmo culture and played things that were nice but people didn’t like. These are, in my opinion, as someone who has really only played mmo and arpg in 20 years of gaming history:


God I don’t know who thought of it, but it’s one of the worst character developments ever conceived. When you say that I have reached level 60 because of Watermark and now I can breathe a sigh of relief, the biggest grind in the game has just begun for you. It’s not fun, can’t be soloed and requires endless grinding. It also pushes pvp players completely out of the game. Between 500-600 rng system would be much better than watermark. By blending this with the umbral system they recently added, they could give people the opportunity to bring even their favorite 500 gs weapon to the legendary (with 1 perk random chance) by making 600. It was perhaps the system that drove the most players away.

-Quests and leveling

The missions were boring and repetitive like most mmos. This is also understandable for the Pve added game. But the time and reward cycle is so bad that most of the players left the game at earlier levels. Many people who wanted to continue because of the instability of the city boards also preferred them and moved on. Even if you don’t have the variety of tasks at hand, people could still endure this torture if you made those tasks more rewarding. they should give at least 2 times more of the exp they are currently giving tasks. And the gold-azoth rewards should also be increased so that new players can play comfortably. And grinding gangs, which is the other method among people who don’t like duty, sucks. The exp given by the mobs should also be increased drastically. Maybe it’s at least twice as much. Thus, players do not leave in the early stages without getting bored.

-Pve and insufficient content

In fact, there were a lot of alternatives in the game that could have been sufficient despite the late arrival, but they always used them with the worst options. For example;

-Elite run:
Boring zerg runs that feel obligatory and non-rewarding every day with endless grinding. Very simply, they could have surrounded them with a wall, turning them into dominant areas where only 10 of them could enter. The raids, which included normal and hard mode and were rewarding accordingly, were one of the most popular features of mmos. But they tried to do it differently and did the worst. They could add a sorting system to this and encourage people to grind. And they didn’t even need to make too many changes. It would have been enough if they had just arranged the items and shaped the interior a bit. They could have been a game with 4 or 5 raids at their disposal. It’s good enough for a start.

Another dead content where we just put a boss and try to beat him in 15 minutes with bad mechanics. There are dozens of people I know who play mmo for arenas. They had to stick with the base system, 5 rounds of waves of mobs and finally a boss fight. Normal and hard mode. A weekly ranking and reward system. You would have had the pve option, which included 2 endgames with raids, but they failed.

  • Open world solo camps:
    It is almost too boring and impossible to play this game for solo players. Most of the content in the game want zerg and they absolutely do not address them. If the levels of each of these camps were adjusted and special bosses containing named items were added here, and if elite chests were placed here, these would be very good alternatives for solo players. They could be solo open world dungeons. They should have put one-size-fits-all grapples to prevent the crow. After defeating all the gangs, people could fight bosses and get their rewards. But they did not.

-Resource distribution imbalance:
The most important resources in the game are usually in high-level regions. But you placed them in elite run zones and only made it for high level players. And you just excluded people who like to collect. Collectors, the most important community for the game economy, were eliminated from this game. And only boots are doing this heat now. Resources should have been distributed evenly throughout the world, and much more. So each map would have more value.

-World bosses:
Most bosses in the game are already designed with a copy-paste mechanism. However, you could create beautiful world bosses using even this. For example, Leviathan (the last boss of the mines region) you could randomly send bosses like this to the world by bringing them even bigger volumes and challenging levels. And people would start looking for them in large groups. Together with the named item dorps and with the gold award, they could be a very valuable event. But that didn’t happen either.

Dungeons are most popular activities of the pve mass. I personally like to grind them too. But the design of the dungeon and the shape of the entrance (cooling times) made them very bad. Everywhere was full of people trying to sell their keys instead of grinding them. And now the same is true for mutations. Most of the biggest masses of dungeons are casual players. People who like to come to work and complete 1-2 dungeons. You excluded them. Cooling time and further cooling time. You could have reduced the rewards and completely eliminated the cooldowns. The mutation update has dealt the final blow to the game and the population is rapidly disappearing. You still don’t understand that cooldown times are a disgusting decision. Let the people grind the dungeons as much as they want. Let them take the items here, if the variety of items increases, the items here will cease to be the best items in the game anyway. And grinding the dungeons does not mean finishing the game as quickly as you think. Do not be afraid of people grinding. And you have a total of 6 dungeons in the game. Except for 3 of them, the other 3 are dead. Make them mutate too, and they’ll join the endgame dungeons. And your biggest mistake in mutation is that only 1 of them is active per week. Mutations must be active at the same time for all dungeons. As in the last days of Ptr. Thus, people do not get bored by constantly changing their choices instead of doing the same dungeon for 1 week and getting bored. You will already add new dungeons over time.

As you can see, the game actually has most of the end game pve content available. But you manage them very badly. With a few touches, you can turn them into beautiful options without getting tired. Don’t try to be original, you couldn’t and you screwed up. Give us the pve tours we love.

-Quality of life and servers


In the first days, you could not reach the player base and you opened hundreds of servers. This divided the people and people began to play with their friends. Your server count was around 2000 and that was unbelievably bad. Ok, your map is small and can’t cover that much, but why didn’t you try the water method:
You could put player limits on zones. Like games with mega servers such as Eso, Albion, you would set a player limit in the region, and for example; If there are 200 partitions, the system loads a new space and the other 200 parts appear in that space. In this way, computers do not get tired in crowded environments and the game becomes more fluid. FPS drops are reduced. It’s really pathetic that you can’t do that with the best servers in the world without you.

-Life quality

Cities were just copy and paste, and people chose to live in the centre. As a result, there were large accumulations of several cities in the game and other cities completely dead. As a result of economic imbalances, people did not even want to buy other cities.
You could give them extra and special production bonuses to make each city special. For example, more bonus for producing leather in reakwater. Or if you produce cotton in First light, you will get much more bonus. Albion did this very well, dividing each city equally among its players. You couldn’t do that. As a result, companies that took everfall and winsward started to earn a lot of money.

-Mega Corporations

The companies that bought these cities made a lot of money and the difference between them and other companies was very big. They made way for Rmt and are still the people who are probably the center of most gold sales. They made a lot of money because of the high taxes, and it was never laughed out loud. He just made a few people rich. You need to drastically reduce the tax amounts in the cities. And 50 people who will fight a city should take the money left here equally. These should be added to the gold we took at the end of the war. They should not be completely under the control of the company.


You’ve completely killed the craft with your last update. People don’t want to produce anymore. Because it is very expensive to produce and is based on luck. It usually ends in frustration. There are so many reasons here
The first is random rolling of 2 perks when crafting. And with these advantages, the professional advantages come and make the item completely worthless. Sets with job advantages are already available in the game. You need to completely remove job benefits from production. And as a result you can move the rng range a little further away. the one with the x-600. And if you remove the watermark for every item over 500 and give it a chance to increase it to 600, every item produced will also have a value. And the 3rd advantage at 600 should be rounded off randomly. At the moment, the 2 advantage 600 thing is very bad.
In addition, you should completely remove the luck factor from the game and items. It has already proven that most people do not work. They should not take up space for advantage in items.


And the last part of the game, for most players, is where competition is the fun. Great wealth for content creators, pvp part.

-Open world pvp:

Even though it was a good joke, it could never be applied in a good way. Meaningless and worthless. People don’t want to do it because it’s a waste of time. That’s what you had to do.
-Removing luck from pvp, instead we should have earned faction tokens for every event we do while pvp is active in the open world. For example, when we cut trees, 3 tokens, when we kill creatures, 20 tokens depending on the difficulty. This would have been one of the biggest incentives for people to do the pvp-pve thing together in the open world.
-Pvp kills are pointless: In pvp kills, all you had to do was take half the token amount of the part you killed. So the risk-reward ratio would make it a very entertaining content. People would be more excited when depositing their tokens and be more careful for fear of losing them. And it would add a perfect meaning to their pvp kills.
-Rank system: You had to blend the already existing reputation system and assign ranks at certain rates. People like to showcase their pvp achievements. You should have given them a ranking system and titles and rewarded them weekly.
-Faction store: Since options such as token drop from open world events, getting half of the token from pvp kills will enable pvp, you should give people things to trade for them. You could remove most of the batons in the Faction store and put in there boxes of effective weapons, armor, jewellery. Special item drops that are only bought with tokens and do not contain gold. Plain pvp players who don’t like pve should be able to get their own armor sets from here.
-Battle system: It is understandable that the defense has a high rate of winning in wars, but not that much. Maybe there would be a 60-40 defender ratio and it would be balanced accordingly. Thus, mega guilds could not camp in certain areas for months. And waging war should have been much easier. They must have been able to wage war without torment on small guids. The battles were supposed to happen every day so that too many people could experience it and the people and regions would be secluded for months.

-Opr and open world pvp map

One of the biggest lack of pvp in the game was that there was no open world pvp map. Opr was the core version of it. It should have been a pvp-heavy map with some pve. But the current situation is deplorable. Opr should be turned off and run again.
This can be called OPR 2.0: The map should be enlarged and with 3 factors such as 100-100-100, there should be strongholds at the farthest points. Bosses and special events should be added in the middle areas. In every event here, faction tokens should be earned, and people should lose half in killings. In addition, all the resources that people gathered in the killings here should have been available. So a nice openworld pvp map with a high risk-reward balance would be made. To prevent zergs, people had to be sent to random opr servers between servers. A pvp map with completely random people where you can go to the same place with parties of maximum 5 people. I would play New World for years just to be here all day. And the great content coming out of here could be the most beautiful advertising content of the game.

-Pvp arenas

You have already stated that you will add arenas like 3-3 5-5. If the balances are good, they can turn into enjoyable content.

Besides, there are nice pvp options that you can create in the game. Get the opri and get wet again. Make the open world beautiful.

Final note: There’s actually a lot of event and endgame content in the game that you can do. You just have a bad point of view and you are stubborn. Everything you did was wrong and you saw that it went bad. Now you have to compromise yourself and admit your mistakes. You should increase communication with people. You are not experienced in mmo, do not be afraid of it. Your heat is not playing games like we are. Of course, you can’t be as good a player as we are. But you should also listen to our opinions. Your art design is great and over time you can make it gorgeous with new maps, cities, gangs, dungeons. But your methods are wrong, please admit your mistakes and start a big change now. You could call it New World 2.0. People love such PR campaigns. A renewed New World. Give us this game. Then you will already see how the numbers go up again like FF14. Just listen.
@Kay @Luxendra @Shadow_Fox


Expertise and Umbral.
And all the other PvE stuff no one needs or asked for.
While the stuff that brought people in stays bugged. (Combat, PvP, Open World).
They killed their own baby.
And it looks like it was on purpose because reading the forums alone was enough to see they are on the wrong path.


I posted 2 years ago, no endgame content
They try to do some casual and hc events at the same time doesn’t work, no balance.
No strategy just listen to players give them what they want.

Clear, concise and straight forward. This is the reason right here.

Add all the time-gating mechanisms and the massive snowballing of power by companies that took advantage of exploits and the easy grind at the beginning of the game (therefore making them nearly impossible to truly contest) and the answer is pretty complete.


Expedition orbs. Lack of PvE content. Inaccessible and lack of PvP content. Zergs.

It is obvious that the game designers are not familiar with designing MMOs as there are issues in this game, which I did not see in other triple A MMOs. Such as inaccessible 50v50 PvP Wars and Zergs facerolling all open world content.

This I doubt will ever happen. Admitting to such major mistakes requires a lot of humility, something which I have not seen AGS having, at all.

  1. Bugs and imbalances and the slow and inadequate actions taken by devs.
    For example: Duping bug did not result in rollback and bans.
    Weapons go imbalanced for months, devs started by nerfing/wrecking someweapons and then they just gave up leaving some weapons as effective as wet noodles while others are like nukes.
    Lag/desync… not a word… Feb patch will be bug fixes…
  2. They nerfed and increased the grind on current content like 4+ times. Seriously???
  3. They gave the game variety but then forced all players to do just 1 thing to progress (chestzerg then dungeonmutation)
  4. Bots (They cant ban them now because then they have no one left in game).
  5. Timers…No dailyreset… instead the player need to keep track of 50 different timers…Oh have to wait 3 hours before chest respawn in Myrk…To bad my guildies is going now…
  6. Timegates… This is not a cellphone game

There are so many issues Iknow I forgot alot in list above but a big part is the devs showed over and over they do not understand what the players want and why they want stuff. I never ever seen a dev team so out of sync with their playerbase. This also reflect to some forum mods when you have like 50 open posts with PvP suck now / OPR is dead / Weapon imbalances and then 500 posts with suggestions how to fix pvp /opr… Then someone make a new post OPR is dead and a mod pops in and say “Oh, I’m sorry to hear you feel this way. What suggestions would you give to fix OPR?” WHEN YOU HAVE LIKE 550 POSTS ON THE SAME TOPIC WHERE ALL THE PLAYERS ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT THE SAME 8-10 ISSUES…


For me… Everything can be dumbed down to only one reason.

Lack of fun.

or Lack of joy.

Everything in this game is a pain. From the bugs, low paced upgraded, new useless systems, stealth nerfs, the crafting grind, gear grind, orb grind, chest runs, repainting of dungeons without anything new and only limited to one a week… even pvp… You do all those things…

But do you have any fun doing them?


Nice redaction!

I agree. The game is so grind oriented that it disqualified any casual player.

Some players like me just wanted to reach 60, get a good gear and then connect for PvP, Wars, OPR.

If they would work only on bugs, cheats, balance of the current gameplay it would have been more than enough till half 2022.


No Directon + Rushed.

[end of communication ]

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  • Last minute switch from PvP to PvE. Fast progression, relatively small map and an array of game loops were designed for PvP. PvE was afterthought with poor content, and it backfired.
  • Huge amount of tech debt hampered progression. They spent more time fixing bugs than creating new content.

Looting system, you are flooded with garbage, there is no real wow moment, because drops depend on your stupid expertise. You cant possibly drop good weapon if you have low expertise. Thats joy killer.

Open world pvp non existent. There should be guilds vs guilds fighting in open world for boses that spawn once a day. Guilds should be able to declare war on each other that makes them automatically flagged to each other.


The OP has a very nice list of reasons, but I want to add myself to the others who say that the biggest reason for the failure of New World has been


There is a core in NW that is very fun. Be it the core of the combat system, the core of the crafting, whatever. That is what keeps us logging every day.

But the management has a total lack of touch with the contemporary expectations of players.
This game has the assets of a AAA game, with the mentailty of a grindy mobile game.

As they said above, the management was too focused on stretching the game with grinds and cooldowns as much as possible, but they forgot to keep the game fun and approachable.

One thing they say over and over is that they want to control the players. They want to control where they spend time, when, and doing what. They don’t want emergent gameplay. They don’t want just natural fun. Every activity needs to be measured, limited, cost a certain amount of grinding, and have a certain length of cooldown.

They made the game for the market prospectors at AGS, not for the players.


Lack of pvp content, no rankings, no open world pvp, in those 3 grey maps u should be forced into pvp, same bugs over and over, grind grind and grind nothing new. Braindead idea of taxes where nobody was thinking what will happened when 1 company will own main city. No Companies which own Everfall dont need to do anyyhing execpt log in for wars. They reached 625 gs in 4 days cuz until patch came they had 20+ orbs per member. Now they dont need to log in again. Bots one guy was posting same fisherman for 2 months and he never got banned xd Macro players I have nothing against them until they are not abusing it and leaving program for whole days. This game will fall it needs total rework.

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What constitutes last minute? The change in direction was over 3 years ago!

Ah man, there are so man things that its hard to say that one of them is the straw that broke the camel’s back

It starts with how this game was handled since its early development. Frazzini has no idea of what he is doing and it already doomed the game from the start. They didn’t take good care of the engine, understaffed, changed from full loot survival to MMO along the way, seemingly unexperienced devs all around…thats what you get

Game got rushed on the last year or so and it shows. We don’t have swimming animations for fucks sake. Most of its content was bugged or outiright broken at launch, which gave people even less reasons to log in and play. The core design is empty and flawed, it doesn’t feels like a game that you can have fun all day, for months. Sure some people like to see smithing go from 150 to 200 in 30 hours, but not everyone is like that, its a minority. For most people, thats not content. A bunch of extremely shallow fetch quests isn’t the answer either. “What is it, then?” I don’t know, honestly. But certainly is far from this.

RMT is a huge factor but i don’t think that its as bad as it sounds. The real problem is how shit settlement ownership is. Why would people not monopolize and make megacompanies when you get millions of gold passively when doing so? Gold that you can sell and use to upgrade your own characters with no effort at all? Just win a war lmao

As months get by, even though we get some content here and there, its clear that the situation hasn’t changed one bit. Their engine is still seemingly awful, devs still can’t quite handle bugs and gamebreaking exploits, and barely have enough time (or experience, idc what it is) to make proper content. Mutators were a desperate attempt to make something, anything that would keep their bleeding playerbase a little longer.

In the end of the day the game couldn’t properly be anything in a meaningful way, being shallow or simply broken due to lack of time, experience and bad management all around. and that can’t be fixed with an optimistic roadmap or a few patches, an entire reboot would be needed. And Frazzini, that fella needs to gtfo

I am sure that there is a ton of very passionate people doing their best for the game right now. And i’m very sorry for these people, cause they deserved a better game.


Reading your post helped me synthesize one thing really well. It’s that any and all creativity started and ended with the design/sound teams. Seriously, we all rave about them, they’re incredible! But that…is where creativity ends in this game. There are so many cool directions where the game could have been taken, so many qol issues easily solved. But…I don’t think management has a creative bone in their collective bodies. Everything really is copy paste, right down to the non existent customer support (if you can even call it that).


The major failure of NW is try to put 2 communities together (pve and pvp) without having specialized teams to deal with the issues that came with the decision.
On pve side they failed to noticed for some even the presence of another player, just standing nearby is irritating. And the very thought to have to deal with pvp even by accident is game breaking.
On pvp players, the simple presence of another player that they can’t attack is irritating. And the simple thought that they have to gather to level up is also game breaking
Those are just 2 of the many situations that they have to deal from start

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I think the biggest failure is the absolutely horrid idea to allow player companies to impose taxes on everyone and then pocket that money to outfit their guilds with BIS gear and RMT the rest. This idea should have died on the conference room floor 8 seconds after it was brought up. Than to make the issue even worse handing those guilds a gold printing machine has caused damage that will take an extremely long time to filter out.


Resources should be instanced per player like other games of this type. Having to compete with other players or bots while gathering just makes an already grindy game more toxic and tedious.

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Open world PvP doesn’t exist. No way to compete for resources or drops. It also solves bot problem. No incentive to PvP. No progression tied to PVP. Too many named world drops with bogus attribute and perk combos. Dex great axes and hammers etc. Gathering luck was made irrelevant by aptitude. Named mobs should always drop some piece of gear. Even green. Too many named mobs/drops tied to mobs 62 or lower. Because of the invincibility toggle you have to win the dps race to get credit and then getting no bag or a potion is a slap. High level zones should be farmed for the mobs not the chests. But mob drops are too random and infrequent. Game needs a full audit of named drops for weapons. No true item sets/gear synergy.

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