What do You Think Is The Biggest Issue in The Game Now?

With changes to crafting, I think they have made big steps in reducing the grind, which was a core issue for the game to me.

With this coming to a close, hopefully, if the ptr patches moves forward as is, I am looking at the games issues and I think server populations has forced itself to the top.

El Dorado lost all but one invasion the other night cause they couldnt fill rosters. A lot of the server ran off to YGG chasing the PvP dragon and abandoned their communities.

Invasions killing worktables hurts server health too much on low pop servers. On my previous server, I moved to El Dorado cause I couldnt craft T5 anything on the map. At all.

I wont be transferring again. I refuse to use the system cause I believe it is inherently flawed and the core issue is server health. Server transfer tokens, even paid ones, dont solve that issue.

I propose that invasions need to be changed in the short term and in the long term, we need to remove PvP from territory ownership.

It actually, in my mind, makes little sense to have PvP players managing the PvE elements of the game.

What do you think?

  • Server cap of 2k concurrent
  • no sharding / channels
  • no cross server gameplay
  • territory control system / wealth distribution
  • lack of premier endgame PvE content like raids

They are working on your problem number 1,3 and 4 and yeah raids would be great

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Cross server could really help deal with mega companies. It could also make low pop servers much more viable.

Cross play should be more prominent too now that we have group finder in the mix too.

But Ima fucking straight up die on the hill that their outsourced CS was and is a terrible asset. I think they can do inhouse at this volume. When their game is as smooth as WoW, maybe then do an outsource.


Group finder seems like a step towards that. Same with instancing wars.


Listed in my personal order of aggravation.

  • inexperienced development team.
  • shell companies being allowed to exist.
  • factions being able to slot members of opposing factions in war
  • Open world ignored and dead after constant unwanted/unneeded nerfs.
  • Constant always present (in every single aspect of the game) oppressive time gating a game with hardly any content to begin with.
  • not splitting the population right off the bat between pve/pvp servers. Allowing non flagged players to interact with flagged players and to grief them with no counter play at all is disgusting.
  • constantly removing white dye from the shop and not even offering black dye at all. (Seriously the guy/girl in charge of this needs to be fired yesterday)
  • the list could go for miles. I’m tired of swiping my phone screen lol

I just moved from eldorado to ygg sense everyone was moving off eldorado. Heres a list of the biggest issues in the game or features that need to be added.

  • they need to remove factions to increase collaboration and more open world pvp
  • invasions shouldnt downgrade stations
  • more pvp missions
  • opr and area quests like get 3 kills in one round in opr ect…
  • full costomizable crafting all perks, all stats, all armor restances. Need to make it expensive and bop with huge mats needed to achieve
  • transmog
  • unlimited use purchased dyes
  • ability to dye purchased armor
  • character name change
  • full loot pvp areas
  • more pvp game modes tdm, ffa, ctf.
  • more instanced pvp maps
  • cross server play instance and pvp
  • better tp ui :white_check_mark:
  • economy tracker
  • farming
  • guild bank
  • guild gold distribution
  • refreshing daily cooldowns
  • leaderboards
  • pvp stat track on other players
  • raids
  • dps meter
  • more playable areas
  • better buy order system on trading post for gear. I want these 3 perks and either be able to haggle or buy now :pinching_hand:
  • trading post notifications when something your needing goes up
  • bidding system
  • ability to see whos placing sell orders and buy orders
  • maybe free transfers between servers like runescape
  • edit chat boxes like in wow
  • more dev videos
  • in game replays of wars, pvp, and saved highlights. Like click on a player and see what they posted as a highlight

All i could think of for the moment


I think the current territory system is majorly flawed. It leads to massive wealth/gear imbalances, and kills servers (people either quit/transfer because they are getting dominated so hard that it isn’t fun and/or the dominating faction has no competition so they quit/transfer). Also, the way we gain influence to cap a zone is bad, and should be reworked.

At least half the server populations are too low to do OPR, arenas, dungeons, or even sell crafted items on the market.

The 500-590 expertise grind is probably unnecessary and too long.

The gear gap is becoming a real thing. Maybe the changes to crafting/random drops will fix that issue somewhat.


Healing in PVP

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Good list.

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An even bigger issue than server health and gold disparity?

Jeez I need to start healing.

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Yeah I know that. I really hope we hear soon about these topics, I really believe these are huge problems the game has and solving them will be great for NW.

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I think the biggest issue is the territory ownership system, coupled with the abysmal open world pvp incentives and low server pop/cap. The premiere end game pvp content is currently quite limited and generally dominated by a small group of people. It really feels like the fort siege part should be a cherry on top and the bulk of the pvp should be open world that can go on for days, or even weeks. Right now pushing influence incredibly boring and unrewarding for the territory owner. Most people just want to war so they let whoever push influence.

Since war is what people mainly aim to do if they continue to lose, or the competition isn’t great people generally will leave a server which then causes a bunch of people to follow, and that create a downward death spiral.

I feel like the map needs to be bigger, server size increased and the whole territory system needs an overhaul. Couple this with cross server/region TP, OPR and dungeons and I think some smaller servers could easily survive.


(1) Server populations
(2) Super companies being able to leave companies and form sub companies to take more territories. Unfair and enormously frustrating to others who don’t play such games.
(3) Every war is the same people.
(4) The curve to start the game and get to the level to compete with friends is way too steep.


No Solo Content, that’s the issue. Fun Solo Content, they seem to forget Fun keeps people playing. It’s a game, we ain’t here to stress.

*Timegates, Not Fun.
*Chest run that last 3 hours straight and we’re locked into or we miss out doing them all together, Not Fun.


I was bummed when they took out the ways to solo some of the mtrk chests. it took time to get the route down and perfect it. Wish that was way more soloable.

  • Lack of buttons to press. I don’t want as many buttons as in WoW but I want deeper skill trees and more character customization outside of just attributes or armor perks. A character specific tree with passives/buffs you can cast on other players etc. More ways to counter other players to make engagements more fun. Lots of players just blow their CD*s and run away over and over again, this isn’t very rewarding or fun.

  • Most of the rewards are bad. Faction rewards are practically useless as is the armor. PVP rewards you stuff like faction tokens, armor you can’t use at sub 590 gs and like a few potions that you will blow through fast. I’m capped on salt and faction tokens. OPR chests only give you an expertise bump every 1 in 3 or 4.It all feels so stingy like they had to budget the rewards or something. I want nice things, gold, rare resources, gypsum, chances for super rare rewards letc.

  • Ranged weapons don’t compete well. Staffs and gauntlets are not a threat to muskets and bows, if you are a caster you’ll just run or hide behind something instead of engage at a distance. Range and velocity need to be increased on gauntlets and staffs instead of handing out nerfs. AGS tends to nerf a weapon instead of bringing other weapons up to par so they can all compete with one another and prevent stale metas.

  • Self healing needs diminishing returns so you can’t play God and just roll around in your little green circle indefinitely. You shouldn’t need a team of 2-5 players to kill a healer. I’m aware some people can do this solo, that’s good for you.

  • Azoth doesn’t really do a lot

  • The game still needs a ton of optimization because it will start lagging pretty bad when in large groups and just randomly in general slingshot you somewhere. OPR isn’t very smooth for me at least when I get in the action. They should try 10v10 on a smaller scale or something.

  • Stagger in PVE is so annoying. Being staggered and interrupted by everything no matter how strong or weak is a bad mechanic. You need to be able to parry/reflect or something so you don’t always get kicked around.

  • I want mounts or like a sprint with a meter that runs out so I can get places faster. Running on roads isn’t enough.


  • Enemy aoe/healing circles etc. NEED to be RED! This is so I know where and where NOT to stand. This is a very basic day 1 thing in most games now for pvp and not having this creates a lot of grief in group pvp activity but especially for wars and opr. If you can make the outfits on teams separate colors you can do this with aoe and it would go a long way in pvp as a simple and necessary QOL improvement.

Server system needs a total overhaul. At a minimum at least make OPR cross’s server.


Biggest issue(s), after the July patch, will be real world trading, mega companies, and the use of shell companies.

Funnily enough, all typically go together. Also starting to think bots are used by the same group. Makes sense…transfer to servers and completely take over the biggest money making areas, while running bots. Sell the gold back to the players, and move onto the next server after it dies off.

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I am curious how you feel real world trading will go. Please fill me in. I know nothing about this.