What do you want out of crafting?

What do you want out of crafting?
What is the major problems you are having with crafting?
How do you think it can all be improved?

Crafting specifically or trade skills as a whole?

Crafting- more control over final product.

Refining- mats do not lead into a pyramid refining system.

Gathering- a filtering system for the compass and crops have their own icons.

Life skills- more! The mini games they introduce with each one is great! Treasure hunting, swimming, and salvaging needs to be life skills in this game.

I have done quite a bit of crafting in New World but not so much recently. It started as with everyone else but I found myself gravitating towards the GS600 season event patterns and virtuoso instruments (these were a very good source of income for a while), maybe I am not a gambling person.

I would be prepared to put some time into looking for very rare GS600 patterns outside of those for the events maybe with some fixed and some stats/perks chosen by mods.

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There is never really an incentive to craft anything for yourself while leveling up. You gain experience so quickly that you always outpace being able to craft something worthwhile for yourself.

Crafting would be more useful at max level if we didnt get endless amount of gear doing anything. You get overwhelmed with 100s of weapons and armor that gets trashed. Drops are so common it doesn’t make sense to grind crafting unless you are obsessed with “BiS” perks. If you have 2 out 3 meta perks for your build on most of your gear you will be fine, which is all over the market from people trying to roll BiS all the time. I can use gear I am showered with from opr/mutations or buy cheap purple or legendary things from people mindlessly gambling for BiS.

I wish we could create patterns. Use engineering for it.

When we make a product, have a choice to create a pattern. Azoth, mats, drafting table, and umbrals will be dumped into making the pattern.

Sell the pattern for profit.

But I doubt that would happen.


Could be very expensive to make with cooldowns so the market isn’t completely flooded, but being able to engineer our own patterns sounds kinda cool.

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CD and be created once per created item would regulate it.

It could create a market for low tier mats