What Do YOU Want to Ask the Devs? (Important Questions to Hopefully be Answered Soon!)

Side money. Money to fund company transfers. Money to fund transfers for mercs.

It’s obvious that a few mega companies don’t give everything back to the company. Some have held major territories for months at a time. 2m-3m a week on popular servers…just in EF or WW (depends which is the central hub for the server). Then pair that with companies that will hold multiple territories.

It adds up quick. The active players will receive something in game out of it. Excess is sold off (common knowledge that it happens).

Same thing can be said for most bitcoin miners. What profit is made isn’t usually enough to make a living, but money is money. If you can make money doing something you enjoy, such as wars, then why not do it…especially if the ban rate is non existent.

I don’t think his wife agrees… :wink:

I really would like to know If they smoke some pot before or at Work. That would explain everything :smiley:

Yeah I guess. Bitcoin makes more sense because it kinda runs in the background. This is like so much extra work. Running a massive company. Playing long hours. I imagine the $/hr is insanely low. Yeah don’t think I’m questioning that it is happening, more just the actual value of it all.

Just random thoughts haha.

I’d like to ask Devs to set territory wars on the same hour!
I consider it being very important and crucial against alt companies! If Wars would be on the same hour, then big companies with the same 50 or 100 fighting players wont be able to hold 3+ territories. On that way big companies cant bypass wars setting main company and alt companies all on different hours to can attend all wars with the same 50 top players. To keep 3 or more territories they will have to recruit more players and teach them to fight in wars, or other ACTIVE companies will take territories and improve their own members.

I see it being wrong to have cities companies with 10-25 members, while there are companies with nearly 100 members and unable to attack them cuz if they do then the main company send their top 50 players to fight for company with 10-25 members.

Once again please set territory wars on the same hour !!!

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Before throwing out a list of 12,000 questions that go in all directions, it might be wise to start by proposing this to AG to make sure they want to make the effort to answer us :

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For more clarity, the questions could be classified by theme:
PVP - PVE - Qol - AGS - Bugs - Other - … :wink:

Yeah that or “war weary” effect that makes it so you cannot participate in a war for 18 hours after you participate in one. This achieves the same result but continues to allow players to have more time flexibility.

No offense but in this game u can do war everyday. This time flexibility is crap excuse - in my opinion.

Giving 18 hours debuff will be exploitable. Can either let ppl join in and kick them after they get 18 hours debuff. Or they can leave the battlefield (war) before war end to skip that 18 hours debuff.
This debuff will have many backdoors and open doors to another abuses/exploits.

I bet you 100% that the next update will the the Ancients. Brimstone sands will be the Ancient’s place with the same skeleton looking thingies. The splash art already looks like the Ancient mage with a mask.

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I would ask about the balance of the tanks

Why don’t topaz potions work? Why add something to the game, see its broken and not fix it? All these multiple systems to gain expertise and what should be one of the easiest is just wasting my money every time I craft one. The simplest things don’t function and stay broken forever. Topaz potions have been bugged at least a month since I’ve come back to play.

What is the plan for fishing? It’s the most unrewarding profession where players have to invest the same amount of time and resources as the other professions but the rewards aren’t worth. Some players have done experiments and found out that the gears do not improve your chances of getting better fish unless you fish in a hotspot. So what’s the point in these gears then if you still have to fish in a hotspot? Why does it have RNG to catch the better fish (which is reasonable) but another RNG on top of that RNG to salvage the fish (unreasonable imo) to get the materials you need?

There are a lot of players who do fishing just for the sake of enjoying it but the fact that you literally earn nothing for it is very depressing. Will you please rework hotspots in general? Other players have suggested adding chum, maybe by churning all unwanted other fishies you can make it into chum that either generates a temporary hotspot somewhere or revitalizes a hotspot. Also please if we catch a high-rarity fish let us have the salvaged corresponding specific ingredient for it (i.e. dragon fish jaw) without the RNG…


No, just NOOO! Dont buff the most abused bot profession!

Oh please look at your TP and tell me the 10k’s of resources aren’t from bots. Tell me again which game aspect is most abused by bots.

This wouldn’t work. I’ve seen 3-4 wars happen on the same day.

Factions don’t have the ability to slot 200 people each, on some servers

The system could be designed in a way not go be exploited though. Making it so when the timer reaches zero during the pre-war phase, then everyone is locked in, there is no more kicking and the war weary debuff is then guaranteed on those players.

So there is no leaving early to avoid the buff or trolling people with the buff. In a way you actually helped the process of making this work better by discussing it. Seriously, not everyone has to agree with everything. It’s good discussion.

This would make it so the same 50 people within roughly a 24hr period cannot be in multiple wars and limiting the shell company problem. Also making it so there is a CD when you join and leave companies is also another really important piece as well.

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Yeah honestly think that they would just do away with the potion entirely. Why have an unnecessary barrier?

Yeah fishing seriously needs a complete overhaul. It’s been unfortunately long neglected. Initially it was the main bot problem but I think there are ways of improving it without making boss worse. One being aptitude chests. If they improved their not detection system enough, then this could be reasonable fix since the rewards are heavily weighted at the upper end anyways. Also surprised the aptitude chests don’t contain legendary fish, all all other aptitude chests have legendary components in them if not more desirable things.

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+1 to this. Players need more straightforward communication to know where/when this ship will get out of the fog.

With the removal of Dual Attribute gear stat bonuses from the PTR, the increases of damage to weapon types and attack types in most low threshold bonuses and the change to 200 con to increase armours to elemental damage;
the multiplicative buffs to 100% weapon scaling and extra resist has only increased the variance between solo attribute builds and dual ones even further.

My question is, if the goal was to make dual attribute gear better quality, give them a larger impact and encourage split stat builds; why is making solo attribute weapons stronger the end result?

I think putting a fish in a chest is a bit thematically weird. But maybe a golden lure or something that allows you to get a 100% drop chance next hot spot?