What does Scheria's current map look like?

Anyone have a current picture of what their map is looks like before they get merged into Oceana? How’s the pop? It’s appreciated!

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Scheria’s current map is:

Purple - ER, BW, EF WW, MB
Yellow - CK, MD
Green - FL, WF, RS

I know some purples swapped to green tonight so I expect them to start pushing as soon as the merger is done. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard Oceana is mostly purple with 2-3 yellow and no green territories, is that accurate?

I guess I’ll see you in Aeternum after the merge tomorrow!

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Oceana is

Purple - CK, ER, BW, WF, RS, MD
Yellow - MB, EF, WW, RW, FL

Yes currently there are no green territories on the map, green and yellow are pretty outnumbered, however yellow had a solid core war roster which is why they are on the map to begin with. Hoping some purples decide to move to either yellow or green. See you tomorrow and welcome over!

Third times a charm I hope. cya tomorrow!

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