What exactly do we need

  1. Provide paid server transfer. In order to prevent abuse, it should have a 30 day cooling time.

  2. Multi server OPR queuing system and multi server dungeon matching system.

  3. Quickly switch equipment functions.It should be possible to save multiple sets of configurations and switch at any time.

4.User defined function of payment You can customize the role and modify the role name

  1. When you get new equipment, you will get its skin.You can switch to its skin at any time, even if you are not equipped with it.

  2. Multi server trading post are interconnected. You can buy items from other servers at the trading post.

  3. Please keep double experience rewards every weekend, And the reward is applied to all experience acquisition ,Such as collecting and making.

  4. The GS scaling of new players should start from 550, not 500.

  5. Separate skill groups of PVP and PVE,For example, GA lost too much for gravity well,But the performance of this skill in PvE is not good.

  6. Dungeons need a ranking system, which gives certain rewards to the top players every week,Such as box resources or titles,OPR is the same.

  7. You can equip more trophies.

  8. Dungeons of ordinary difficulty will also receive a small amount of umbrella Shards,Otherwise, players above 600gs will not participate in dungeons of ordinary difficulty.Unable to help new players.

13.The out of sync still exists, please fix it.

  1. Players can pay a certain amount of materials to get extra drop from the dungeon.For example, players pay Asmodeumx3, and each boss in the dungeon drops an additional orange equipment.

  2. When you salvage orange equipment, you can get some umbrella Shards.


Multiserver dungeon party finder and OPR tradepost and sounds like Lost Ark player and ofc BIG YES, umbra shards from salvaging legendary items yes but this is not high need umbra shards are already easy to obtain. Gravity Well is good for dungeons, u can vortex big pull of mobs to one place,but for bosses is senseless, anyway hatchet has higher dps, n Lazarus GA/Hatchet on bosses is troll, in tempest spear is 10 times better. No 12 why ? No 14 I dont see any purpose named legendary items already have high drop rate.

I have 620gs combat equipment. When I collect, I still wear 600gs collection equipment.

If I have enough umbra shards, I can upgrade my collection equipment to 625gs This is expected.

GA paid too much for gravity well and the experience was terrible When I dodge, I will lose my target.

PVP needs to be fair, but PVE should not suffer the consequences.

I agree with your list, but I would add that we also need transfers between regions.

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Updated 600 GS Faction PvP gear that can be upgraded with umbral shards to 625 GS.
Would be a good thing to get this before 3 vs 3 arenas go live because that will make it fair for players that like to gear through PvP.
Right now BiS is only obtainable through Dungeons, Crafting or if you are rich then you might be lucky to get one or two pieces at the trading post.
Armour parts should have Resilient, Freedom and refreshing on them.
Weapons should have keen, vicious and enchanted.
Different types of jewelry is also needed. at the faction shop.
This change can be done fast. We dont even need new skins for the new gear. Just replace the old one with new stats/perks and add more different weights + jewelry.


Dude, why not get AGS to just put BIS in your inventory?

I agree with quality of life issues but not shortcut to gear and levels.


Dude, this is one of the worst ideas I have seen in a while. You want AGS to fill the faction shop with BIS PVP gear and weapons which would invalidate everything else in the game? Sounds like one of the worst plans ever tbh.


Yeah lets just go on without any seriously good rewards for playing PvP so everyone is forced to grind PvE! Or lets open another 100 OPR chests and salvage everything we get from there. We saw how far we came with this.
Also the perks i asked for is not necessarily BiS in every situation or content wise.
There is still plenty of space for crafters or PvE overall to deliver other great perk combinations.
It should be possible to get some good BiS gear from grinding PvP though. We are still forced to grind PvE to gear up for PvP…
After playing way more than 1400 hours i got exact 0 items from PvP rewards/chests/faction shop that i use right now for PvP or endgame content overall.

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Keen vicious enchanted and resil freedom refreshing are 100% BIS PVP items and would be worth north of 200K each if sold on the market today. That is why you are asking for them. You can get good rewards from OPR, you shouldn’t get BIS items from OPR. I have opened maybe 100 OPR chests and have gotten 10+ useable PVP items.

Yes is ask for PvP perks to play PvP and so its possible to get PvP gear for actually playing PvP. There is nothing wrong about it.
Dude i get lazarus bow that is BiS for PvP in a PvE dungeon…same for plenty of other weapons and gear like the Fury Warhammer. Its not even hard lol…I got like 7 Fury hammers dropped and 3 lazarus bows in my storage…
Also perks like Resilient is useless in PvE so if you are an PvE friend then get your BiS gear for it from there.
You act like i ask for the ultimate gear to clear the whole game…
But as is said…I played way more than 1400 hours and have exactly 0 items from PvP rewards that i can use for PvP right now that are better than what i got from PvE.

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No, I love that they’re attempting to make it all one thing. Trying to balance everything between PvP and PvE, instead of trying to separate it.

No, crafting cost is already too high. This would make it even worse…

Agree with rest

Also the bad economy is not my fault. I understand people asking for extreme prices for one piece since they have put an isnane amount of materials to craft this things and most likely spend hundreds of thousands coins just to craft on BiS Item.
People even started to ask for the coin cap of 500k for some crafted BiS items and thats just crazy.
Though that system is made by AGS and the extreme RNG to craft BiS items is so bad that i have never experienced something like that even in the worst Asian MMORPGS.
But having like 50 Firevine firestaff, Winter Wish Ice Gauntlet and several lazarus bows and fury hammers,smooth bone ring, Featherweight Ring and so on in my storage by running easy PvE dungeons should not be a thing. I am not asking for PvE rewards to be nerfed though or to be only obtainable in Mutations 10…
Asking for comparable Items for playing PvP is not to much to ask after way more than 1400 hours of playtime.

yeah sounds great if you say “usable” xD because your “useable” is salavage for me because i got 0 items that are better than what i got from PvE. You are ignoring the facts and have no clue about what is going on especially when it comes to balancing rewards between PvE players and PvP players.
I can run two normal lazarus/genesis ( 1 hour effort) and get better items than i get from 100 OPR chests.

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GA’s previous attack range was 5-5.5 meters, but after an update, its attack range was only 3-3.5 meters. I understand that they need to balance the PVP of GA, but without separation, PVE is the victim.

A good practice is that you can configure two sets of skills, one PvP and one PVE And can switch at any time.

The cost of making equipment is too high. I have given up .I just want to pay for some resources and get an extra surprise.

Great post!!

You are sadly mistaken if you think pve players have all bis gear. I have almost 3000 hours played and other than a smooth bone ring, I have no other bis pieces. And I’m mainly play mage, so I don’t even use my sbr.

Split attribute usable with timeless shards

Great stuff!

One thing I would like added which I know isn’t content related but the ability to change our appearances. Like the basics, hair styles, eye color, skin tone etc. like every other mmo allows people to do. I would be fine if it was a paid service too since this is a b2p game.

#15 would be good as well as crafting materials from salvaging gear. AGS teased it in the last Dev Vid and it is a long time coming. 3 gold and repair parts can only keep you at the edge of your seat for so long.

Lots of really great feedback here. I am a huge fan of multiple gear sets. Thank you. I’ll relay it to the dev team.


Relay the paid server transfer option with a cooldown. I can’t stress this enough that playing with friends is so important for new and returning players. Just unlock all servers and let people go wherever they want. The cooldown stops people from destroying markets on one account, especially with a nice pay wall behind it.