What exactly do we need

Completely agree with 1-3.

Not sure what you mean by #4 and function of payment.

#5 Agree.

#6 STRONGLY disagree with this. I don’t want a global economy.

#7 Disagree, no need to doable it every weekend. Every few months is enough or during holiday events.

#8 I think personally they should bring down the 500 gs to level 55 areas and start players acquiring that 500+ expertise sooner. I think pushing the midpoint higher would be nice too maybe to 70%/30% mark instead of 50/50 so a fresh 60 can jump into expeditions and contribute at 60 with crafted gear.

#9 Not sure this is viable it would require way to much resources to manage.

#10 hate the idea of ranking but i love the idea of a weekly reward chest based on factors of what you achieved that week like they have in WoW.

#11 add more houses. Maybe make this a paid feature from shop. Allow players with the extra houses to equip more trophies but limit it to 3 of a type like it is now.

#12 if they track activity and factor into end of week rewards… there would be incentive to do this if they do it right.

#13 I dont experience this anymore so cant address it

#14 This is already being addressed with the removal of the requirement for orbs. They said the orbs will provide extra loot.

#15 Legendary Salvage…

I would cause legendary items to salvage into 1-3 units of a special conquest currency. This currency would only be redeemable at a special vendor that changed locations around the map (simiar to Xu in Destiney 2) once a week at reset he’d move somewhere new. When he moved he’d provide a new offering of contraband for sale for this exclusive conquest currency. It could be rare named items, rare recipes, transmog skins, consumables, you name it. All limited supply BOP items.

there is an option people arent considering.

if making all PVP perks good makes PVE too easy or too hard… just adjust the pve better AI, more engaging pve, more engaging dungeons.


  1. yes
  2. yes. for opr. dungeons… maybe. its 5 people.
  3. yes SETS need to be a thing along with attributes and skill trees
    4.dont know what this means
  4. sure. or paid transmog i dont care which way.
  5. naw. that opens up a lot of problems with dead server bots and paid transfers
  6. its nice but not necessary just have it happen every once in a while not a one off on new weapon release.
  7. fresh 60 climb isnt really that bad. and the second you access TP its basicly at 550 anyway.
  8. naw.
  9. i dont think it needs a true ranking system but various time based or mutation score based titles might be nice.
  10. absogoddamnlootly
  11. wouldnt mind, its not like umbrals dont fall out of the sky like candy now. alternative incentive is more chances at those named items that are sellable. like with raffle bones. lots of REALLY cool stuff that is just soo hard to find.
  12. please fix
  13. dont think this is exactly necessary though i think an azoth fountain for luck would be kinda cool since azoth is a dead resource anyway.
  14. this is probably the most easiest thing to add but id rather it be more special. salvage like 10 of them to get one of those patterns for another attempted 600 roll could be an interesting option or customized better ones or whatever. the patterns suck.

Need solo content still. And yes I know it’s an MMO I only want other people for PvP.

PvE with randoms is a pain in the arse.

Id like to see better combat balancing.

They need to be more gentle on nerfs and buffs.

90% of players dropped bow, rapier, VG etc in a matter of 2 weeks because they nerf so hard.

These weapons arent coming back for awhile. Seen a lot of people quit because they make huge time investments in their PVP builds just to have them destroyed.

Then they make other weapons OP that were probably fine as is.

Combat team needs some people who play pvp daily or weekly on their staff. Or at least advising them. It cant be that hard to find some 1000+ hour pvpers to brainstorm with for a bit. I know they are on these forums. Or DM some of the best youtubers and ask what their experience is like in PVP. You will get much better and honest feedback than half the garbage in the forums.

Then we can stop destroying our weapons


I think you misunderstood. I don’t care about GS and BIS at all.

I am a casual player and have 622 GS . I like collecting. I always wear 600gs collecting equipment ~ so I don’t care about that at all.

I called many friends to play this game, but unfortunately no one could stay.

Most of the 1000+ hour PvPers that are left playing New World. Are trying to convince everyone that Great Axe is weak and ranged weapon are over tuned. That’s pretty much what happens when a dev team alienates everyone except for Great Axe and Hammer mains. In OPR in Orun I kid you not, more than 85% of the players are in there with a Great Axe. And normally the team with the most Great Axe players wins.

At this point AGS can’t rely on the hardcore PvPers for balance suggestions. Most of them will tell AGS to buff Great Axe and Hammer. And tell AGS to nerf Fire Staff, Bow, Ice Gauntlet, Musket, and Void Gauntlet.

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I don’t really like this, if it were for some reason implemented it would HAVE to be only usable within the arena.
But even then, I don’t really like the idea of it. Mayyyybbeee have 1-2 pieces, or a weapon, or certain jewelries, or some smaller amount of good/BiS items available to purchase, but definitly not a full set.

As usual it goes back to balancing issues and Amazon developers still do not want to nerf great axe. Maybe they do not want to take out the greatness in the axe.

We need the moderators to address if this has been communicated to the developers.

Yep the irony is most of the pvpers left are GA so the majority (GA players) will only complain if it’s nerfed.

GA has always been overtuned so their expectations are very high, so any reasonable nerf will mean they don’t destroy people with a few hits.

Problem for me on bow is that DMG is so low on these guys, hit recog is pretty bad, and they need to be pretty bad to beat in melee. When in doubt they can just activate AoE kills ftw.

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