What exactly is 625GS with PvP GS scaling?

So, we have 2 significant updates: 625GS and GS scaling in PvP.
And I still don’t get why are those needed?
In every game, you search for the best gear to own everyone. This gear will give you an edge over other players and make you kinda king of the hill. You spend a lot of time and money on this but it’s worth it. Not many will reach this god level, but those who will are server elite. And you better not mess with them or else.
Now, with GS scaling it doesn’t make any sense to grind for better gear. It gives you nothing. What’s endgame content here? Wars I would say. Control over territory, possible future PvP content. Cause who the hell wants to run the same dungeon for the 100th time?
But, as it becomes usual, whiners got what they wanted. Now we’re all the same with the same gear and no matter how hard you tried and grinded, all the difference is 1 weapon/armor perk for legendary items vs non-legendaries.
Why would anyone want to go to mutated expeditions? Just because of a better drop rate? Now it looks and feels like you farm umbral just to farm more umbral with no point at all. The ultimate goal is to get 600GS weapon and armor, but it’s way easier to do this via AH or even crafting with timeless shards. Less effort at least. And you will save a lot of time grinding all that umbrals.
My point is: it’s MMORPG. There must not be equality. There have to be rich and poor players, better geared and worse geared. For those who are worse geared to have reason to play and get better gear. Once you try to equalize everybody, you’re spitting in the face of the most committed players in favor of those who’ll leave in a week.
For now, if you have decent purple weapon/armor with 2 good perks, which is not hard to get at all, I see no reason to go further. Unless it’s an uber-god-tier items with 3 top perks, you’ll have just the same gear as those who have spent hundreds of hours looking for it to have an edge over the rest. So why bother?

They haven’t changed the scaling. It’s a copy paste from prior.

can you confirm this? has AGS confirmed this?

I assume it only LOOKS like a copy pasta from a prior update, but it probably does refer to 600-625 gear scaling.

If it doesn’t then PvP is dead and many players are leaving this game shortly

Yea, it’s tested. It’s not changed.

If there is scaling, it’s the worse idea I’ve seen in online video games.

RIP new world

It’s in most video games. It’s been in new world the entire time

Name one. I might not have the richest experience with MMORPGs, but in every other game better gear gives you an upper hand. As it should. Otherwise, what’s the point of it?

Why is that a rip? Right now the formula works perfectly…

World of Warcraft has implemented scaling in many of it’s expansions.

It’s last popular expansion was legion, which has FULL scaling in pvp.

good day

Good day! Pvp scaling in World of Warcraft just equalized the average stack of players, top equipment always surpassed the average

thank you for proving my point. scaling exists in most video games. Especially ones where the gear is massively imbalanced.

It’s demoralizing to many PvP players. Most of my company of OPR friends is struggling to continue playing the game just on release of this update. Only a handful of us have ever done dungeons let alone actually know all the mechanics. Most of us don’t even do chest runs.

Flame us if you want, but we all genuinely enjoyed how WE played the game. That is changing. OPR Q does not pop because everyone is now doing mutations.

You don’t even have to participate in them and they affect all aspects of the game.

On a personal level I don’t enjoy expeditions and won’t be doing hundreds of them for 625 gear score. Maybe I can just keep playing how I want, but it’s hard to trust this Dev team AT ALL to support how I enjoy the game.

And that’s OK, but it is frustrating for me personally (and many others)

Im sorry bro, but if on your server every single pvper is full legendary with all PvP perks on every piece, than I am very deeply bowing before your server of nolifers, but if not, its really little shortsighting to say, there are no differences… But TBH, good PvP game should not be so much ebout equip, that skill in your ideal example would not make difference, if not inexactly even gear… Skill should always take a BIG part in good and heatlhy PvP game…

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I’m not sure I’m getting your point. Do you think scaling is good or bad?

Sure, skill matters. And why play the game then if it’s enough to go to AH and buy a set of 510GS items with appropriate perks for 100 gold total?

Than I would really like to see, how you will come to OPR on Asgard in those 510 100g peieces and show us whos the boss bro :D:D

U will not stand 10 seconds in the middle of the sun Im telling you.

I’m not talking about myself. I’m far from top-lvl player. But usually, with the appropriate amount of time and money, I can get better gear and win a fight vs someone who’s better than me. Which makes sense.
I’m talking about a different situation. Player 1 spent a lot of time and money, got BiS gear, and plays well. Player 2 plays as good but got 510GS items for 100 gold total. Why should they be equal in a fight?

They are not a mile close bro…