What exactly is making heavy armor users unkillable?

Is it the resilence bug, Or is it multipel things, im not sure if rsilence is goign to fix heavy armor with great axes spammming left click and not dieng.

I think right now it’s a bunch of compounding factors with the bigger one being the resilience bug.

Once that’s cleared and out the way we should start getting a better indication of if there are any major issues that exist

I’ve also heard conflicting results on it onyx gems are still bugged too.

I think the point of heavy armour with 2 melee weapons is to be fairly hard to take down, however they are just a little too hard to take down currently.
If the resilience gets fixed up they are pretty much automatically going to be taking 20% more damage though and that’s a fairly large increase.
They might have to think a little harder or they are going to get murdered fairly fast

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“Resilient (Item Perk): Fixed an issue that caused this perk to reduce all damage instead of just damage from critical hits.”

Got fixed today.

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its crazy cause alotof heavy armor users dont even kno there using bugged stuff, alot on my server think its there ultimate extreme skill thats aloowing them to walk forward and spam left cick, sothere investing heavily into heavy armor and crafting, it sucks that amazon hasnt been more upfront with what actuakl bugs exist and which are being created falsely, alot of heavy armor users are quite unaware ther unkillable

What do they onyx gema do ?

Onyx gem should be just reducing melee damage but apparently it’s also reducing magic damage too, so it’s just a flat damage decrease

Physical Damage Reduction. Some say its bugged, but i did not see any proof video of that.

The Hammer also has/had a bug giving an extra 70% dmg reduce.

If you’re talking about the outpush rush unkillable heavy armor tank environement, it’s a sum of resilience perk bugged, damage reduction food buff stacking (only available during OR)

Only from non-crits though. The 20% or w/e still reduces crit damage. Still a almost permanent 20% dmg reduction verse say a musket user who needs headshots (crits).

yes, on my server msot peopel claim this doesnt exist and heavy is intended to be unkillable just making sure im not crazy

but ur spot on to what my question is refering too, why is everyone in outpsot rush unkillable hamme/great axe with heavy armor lol

The food buff stacking is the worst of those bugs. Even a little heal with no focus attribute can keep exploiters steady against many damage dealers.
The more outpostrush they do, the more resilient they are. The buff doesn’t vanish and stack.

i see, ya i was told earlier, people are lieng to get heavy armor and resilence nerfed cause there mad they suck, there really is peopel who think tis thre skill that allow them to walk in a st raight line take no damage not dodging and spam left click, i wanted toconfirm if im crazy or are tehre some unkillable peopel out there who just walk forward spamming elft click

It “should” be fixed in the 1.0.5 (in 8h) by the way

Expect everything from AGS

I’ve been putting half into magic and physical resistance. Never cared to put an excessive amount of onyx gems into my armor. At least it’ll be even and people can get hit harder with magic abilities. I’m not a mage, but I do have a gem to use other stats.

Yeah that’s true but I guess we will see how it looks after this change because it’s kinda hard to tell right now still

Like my heavy attacks on a fire staff on players range from like 400-2.6k rofl

i think there might be a issue with everything, that st acks when hit, when u do damage, people around u, they seem to all be stackign perm, i think they need to look into all of them

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