What exactly is the point of limiting housing trophies to 5?

I don’t get the point of this limitation. You want to encourage players to play all sorts of types of gameplay. Why force them to go back to every house they own just to swap trophies and optimize for that gameplay? Why is that considered a good gameplay experience/loop? Does anyone actually enjoy it?

If limiting the buffs to 5 is some sort of code issue, then why not let people swap them remotely with available trophies?

Also, if a player works hard and gets the trophies they want, why shouldn’t they be allowed to have all those buffs active at once?

Yeah, I just don’t get it. It seems like a pointless limitation.


I too have wondered why you cannot just put up all your trophies and tick a box remotely to show which you want activated. Its an annoyance to have to go around your houses switching them over every time.

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even if it does cost some azoth to switch your active trophies i think it would be good

Nobody enjoys it, just silly system implemented with little forethought

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