What features would you like to see?

Right now its great to see the game get back on track but i feel like its only a matter of time before we run out of things to do. Here are some of my ideas mainly focused around repeatability which is dire right now, even with the new chnages.

What i would like to see:

  • Mounts. When they are introduced i would honestly like most of the quick travel removed, otherwise mounts will feel negligible. Would be nice to have some sort of depth to this like different mounts having perks or roles depending on what you need them for, not just something to move on.
  • Guild wars. Absolutely needs a rework, not just visually, gets bland quick. They are incredibly anti climatic for the purpose they serve. Bigger scale, longer wars, more intricacy and objectives.
  • Owning territory. Currently doesn’t serve anything too wow for additional content, would be nice to see some more dynamic effects.
  • Guild housing. This in its self can provide loads of social content. Guild trophies for defeating bosses that grant perks, maybe pvp trophies, guild banks, guild perks and many more things.
  • PVP contested zones. For rarity base resources or progression that can only be achieved in these zones or predominantly in these zones for endgame would give nice repeatability and give pvp more of significant presence.
  • Something that will be way off id imagine but naval content. being able to craft components for ships with your professions. Could even tie into more guild activities.
  • Factions. They feel like they dont merit to much, not much character or pride to be in one, just a colour. Would be awesome to have more distinctions in the three groups you can join, an example would be faction ranks that reflect your worth from pvp and faction quests, a bit like how you can grind to grandmaster in wow and unlock rewards that fit the faction’s theme, gear, cosmetics, mounts, titles.

I’m okay with mounts and fast travel, but I’m more concerned with where people will be able to bring mounts. I hope they’re not allowed in cities, and that players are forced to either leave them to wander (and have to find them later) or bring them to a stables where they have to pay a certain rate to house them.

There needs to be more company vs. company prestige activities. This should also be tied in with a company progression/level system, where company members can earn pvp/pve perks based on their in-company accomplishments (e.g. like the WoW guild progression system)

I’d like to see more things that affect both a company’s gold intake (e.g. a way for saboteurs to decrease a town’s weekly gold earnings) and activities that players could do to foster unrest in a town. This would force companies that own territories to do more than use them as piggy banks, but would introduce actual responsibility into the stewardship.

Would love to see instanced Company HQ, complete with a company storage and bank access. Could also be decorated with furniture and even with specialized crafting benches based on the previously-mentioned company progression system.

I think this is probably similar to my company progression idea, and there’s some really cool ideas here to play with. In fact, if a company’s reputation was tied to the faction, and certain company “quests” become available based on company rank, then that makes progression even more interesting and rewarding.

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yeah absolutely. Just worried brimstone sands will be another zone with bland content, we do need a little more intricacies, content, etc.

Questing might be alright however current endgame replayability will get old quick.