What happened to all the players on US West servers?

What happened to all the people? Do any servers crack 1k anymore? US East CoS seems active still, but man the peak drop is rough RN

a lot of companies transferred and us west kind of fanned out in 3 servers

they all came to east coast to pvp here lol

My guess is that they now either play other MMOs. Or are playing dedicated PvP games.

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Ygg is 100% PvE dorks and Camelot was killed by a super comapny. Everyone still playing went to El Dorado or went to East.

Otherwise I think the answer is, 95% of players quit New World.

edit: you guys flagged this? this is literally just the news report.


Sucks, as I totally used up my tokens getting to Camelot… Oh well

We had several companies mess everything up last week . They raised the taxes on 5 territories up to 25 %. Then they left for the east coast. Good luck east coast it’s your turn. Camelot was the highest pop server now we are second to lowest. Instead of people staying and fighting back, they also left. So that’s what happened. My opinion is these companies are trying to break the game.


oh just saw this post:

They mostly went east or came to Eldo as refugees.

In before Gimse comes and tells you this is a lie, this type of thing don’t happen and they just want competition.

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Need mergers. Especially Lilliput.

I’ll pay 15USD for a merger AGS :smile:

West pop is now so low, you can put everyone in 1 single server now and still have only a half full population. We lost about 500+ people since last week. The numbers are going down each week, usually a little but surely.

I figure you’ll likely get a final average count sometime over the next 4-5 weeks. But I still see server pops bleeding out till there are only a couple hundred in each area.

Who are keeping the game alive.


And Lilliput still only has 100 or so players just farming and transferring. :grin:

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Basically the entire server turned against the super-company on Camelot. People were throwing their invasions, boycotting their towns, refusing to fight in their wars, etc.

A purple-yellow army came within 5 seconds of taking Windsward from them. And their companies on Pluto and El Dorado had been failing to make any headway. So they took their millions and left. Good riddance.

@GIMSE here is what you’ve been asking for.
@Suzutai what was the super-company?


? a thread about US companies transfering region?

More specifically super-companies lol:

Catering to them is why the game is on life support in the first place.