What happened to focusing on eliminating Bots in Feb?

We are halfway thru the month and the bots have only multiplied from the server merges. I report the same fishing, gathering & mining bots every day. Every now and then it seems like they get banned for 72 hours by why are they not banned permanently? I got a list full of bots who are all online right now. You said Feb would be the month to focus on the bot problem. Still waiting…

Maybe give it a couple more weeks.

this is true but good question. i haven’t seen hide nor post about the bot solution at all.

though then again i dont think bots really hang out in PTR so no point in saying anything.

just dump out some kinda fix at the last second so bot owners will need to figure something else out.

What’s interesting is we had a large company, who controlled most territories on our server, leave to go to another server. When they left, so did most of the bots. Still see do see a few very high level bots in companies on our server. I’m starting to wonder if it isn’t these companies running the bots for mats.

That said AGS could do a better job… Blind Freddy can see the bots they are so damned obvious.

Some game developers keep bots under control, and other game developers just don’t care.

AGS does not care about eliminating the bots. I’m not sure why they don’t care, but it is obvious that they have no intention of ever eliminating the bots. And on the very rare occasions when they actually ban a bot, it’s only for 24 hours or for 7 days.

As a result of this and other poor development choices, the game is slowly dying.

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