What happened to the paladin healer build?

Just got back from a six months break, and found out that my build is dead? Hundreds of hours wasted I guess?
The healing is SO low that I can’t even tank one warhammer user (they buffed this one too? 3,5k each charged attack), so should I just go to light armor like everyone else? That’s SO sad, being a healing titan was actually really fun to play, 0 kills but also 0 deaths…

But in what world they thought this was a good idea? And why is no one talking about this? X_X


Its called meta shifts. Not sure if you have ever played an online game but thats how it works.
A great call for that is play what you like at some point it will get stronger maybe.


The DPS crowd complained about unkillable healers, and AGS went and killed them for them.


Thats what’s driving me crazy, we were almost unkillable yes, but that was all we had! no damage or mobility…
Its not just a meta shift, they KILLED an entire build


For most people, the paladin build wasn´t a good experience. You couldn´t kill a LS + SnS User while they could slowly but surely kill you or make you leave out of frustration. Im glad its gone tbh even though Im not happy about the healing atm.

It was a tanky build that could keep a bunch of DPS busy trying to kill.
It was only a threat in Outpost Rush, where their survivability could halt the capture of an outpost.

Either way, DPS hate attacking stuff and stuff not dying, and since they are the overwhelming mayority of the player base, and the balance in this game is determined by the method of “Whoever yells the loudest”, AGS decided to remove it.

Now, they are yelling about healers being inconvenient in PvP, because they undo their damage. So AGS is in the process of deleting the entire healer viability, first by making it ineffective and unfun to play (already out with the latest patch), next, by removing the viability of the only other Focus-scaling weapon in the game (upcoming next patch).

I expect next target after healers will be the Rapier, since it is used for avoiding incoming CC and damage.


If you want to do 0 damage and just being annoying because you are almost unkillable just become tank with 500 con. We have someone on our server that plays sns rapier as tank and can tank 6-7 ppl alone in OPR and with a healer probably 15.

Now they complain that healers are unfair in light, the same armor class they wanted in the first place. :rofl:


I wouldn’t use the word viable.

Heavy plate -30% heal, especially since healing loadout bonus is calculated after the fact, is horrendous.

While you CAN technically wear heavy armor, the healing is so low for yourself, and the team, combined with your output damage, that you would just as well not be there and not be noticed.

Since the heals are so low now, you either have to dump hard into con and basically be a tank with very small heals, or hard in to focus and be an extremely inefficient healer that gets hit slightly less hard.

Light healers can take more damage standing still, and dish out much, much better healing and output overall. So there’s no contest there.

I absolutely loathed this decision, as all of my gear 1000hours worth was into heavy healing/paladin builds. My hammer, everything geared for that playstyle.

And Boop, just like that it was gone.

Now i light/rapier like everyone else .-. womp womp


Halved scaling on LE (30 → 15%)
Heavy set healing penalty (0 → -30%)
LE Cast time (0.5 → 1)

Basically you’re griefing if you run anything but light with DE SG and SoL/Beacon/Orb now.

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Makes me sad since I wanted to do paladin for PVE with a carnelian gem in the staff.

Lol exactly. They’ve gotten it nerfed and down to light armor but can’t stop complaining. The bruiser campaign never ends.


Yes by you. Nah I’m jk though, but after 6 months you might expect some shift to have happened.

case closed :joy:

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I def miss it. Seeing paladin builds in the early days was always really cool. Now it’s just stereotypical dps or healer

Nah bro it ain’t even bruisers. It’s dex players playing 50 meters behind you on every objective on OPR that are mad they can’t 100-0 a healer solo with their totally skillful bow hitbox that’s twice the size of any other projectile in the game including the life staff. That’s right. The same people criticising healers for not needing to aim fail to account for refreshing move + revitalise being directly tied into how much of an impact you will have. More cooldown reduction = more healing. And they’re playing with a hitbox twice the size of yours!

They just want healers gone.

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Do you kite and dodge to not get one shot?
Life staff / sword n shield?

Only gonna be a thing in PVE though

Was about to call in @Skyelighter but saw you already made it here haha