What happens if governor of city will not pay city tax?

Hello. Recently population on old servers went down drasticly. Unfortunately this leads to situation where smaller amount of gold is going into “pool” that is distributed among all cities (with proper percentage that was introduced recently). I calculated current profits and taxes daily and it seems that on our server if we will pay taxes for cities and not upgrade them at all then company will get around 18% of gold that was aquired. 82% will be tax. Less people = less profits = bigger percentage of tax it will be. We expect that some server merges will happen soon because currently in peak time we have less than 1000 players online. Solution for getting more gold would be to NOT PAY TAXES. That way company could get 100% of profits instead of 18%. AFAIK city tax should be paid every 5 days. If it won’t be paid then there will be a warning to pay this tax in some time and if it won’t be paid then city will start to downgrade every 1 day.
Two questions:

  1. Are my informations correct?
  2. Does company earn gold if city is in downgrade state? I mean state after downgrading (I know that we earn gold when we have a red warning)


I’m not entirely sure what most of your post is asking, so I’ll rephrase what I know. With Brimstone Sands, each town has a maximum percentage of total server tax income that it can make. The highest is 12.5%. Towns like WW, EF, or Brimstone will only make that much at 39 upgrades. When they go below 39 upgrades, the percent cut they get is decreased. As such if you intentionally didn’t pay taxes and let cities downgrade, you would be losing more and more money. The full details are included in this post below. If I didn’t answer your question, please provide some more specific details so I can help.

All that you have said I already know. Let me rephrase my question.
Lets say my company have maxed Everfall which means that we get 12.5% of all profits from the pool.
Situation 1:
Lets say that server profits per 5 days are: 1,900,000 gold (very low because population is very low)
In 5 days Everfall will get 12.5% of it which is exacly 237,000
Everfall city tax per 5 days is 237,500 gold.
In this situation if governor of everfall will not run buffs that costs additional 2.5k gold each then company will not have any profits because all profts will go for tax

And now we have 3 states:

  1. Tax for city is paid
  2. Tax for city is due and first downgrade will happen in X days (4 or 5 if I remember correctly)
  3. Tax is overdue and downgrade of city already happened. Next downgrade will happen in 24h.

I know that in state 1 and 2 city IS GETTING profits
My question is if city is getting profits in state 3.

As you can see on low population server having a city may not bring any profts at all which is horrible. If server profits pool is lower than 1900000 per 5 days then all cities will not get any profits because tax will be bigger than profits

No. The town doesn’t make money when it’s in “state 3”.

I know! I’ve been pointing this out in a variety of other threads. I really think the system should be changed again.

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I can confirm that city doesn’t earn any money in state 3 (after downgrade) but I’ve noticed funny thing. Tax can be avoided completely if owner of the city changes very few days. Tax is getting reset after owner change :slight_smile:

Changing the governor changes when taxes are due? :thinking:

So basically, town owners need at least two different accounts of New World to profit in ‘state 3’.

You can’t tell me that wasn’t intentional on AGS’s part. LMAO

I mean downgrades every 24 hours aren’t profitable either. In the specific example above, they would lose more money with the downgrades than if they just paid the taxes on time.

I’ve personally seen governor change more than once a day and the taxes are still due on the correct day, so I’m unsure what is happening there.

Not owner of company but owner of the city :slight_smile:
For example if your company have to pay for city in 4 hours and you have a war in 2 hours and you will lose a city then new owner will not have to pay in the next 2 hours because tax timer resets. If you will take this city in similiar situation then again tax can be avoided.

So the best solution is to pax tax just before city will downgrade. The only option when it’s not a good idea is when you are sure that you will lose a city quickly after paying tax. In that case let it downgrade once in order to avoid tax.

Lucky for us as I expected server merges happened and profits from cities are doubled so city tax is no longer 82% of profits but more like 30% so paying tax is not a big problem anymore. I think Amazon always will do a merge if there is such critically low population.

That’s not a bug, that’s how that system is supposed to work.


They often do.