What happens to the Trading Post posting fee when the TP is down?

I added a rare item up for a three day auction called “Notes on Aeternum Fauna”. The auction cost me 101 gold and since then, the auction has kept on ticking and I believe it’s finished by now. This basically means that it didn’t get a change to sell because AGS turned off all TP’s. I assume I will get my 101 gold back?

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Nope. The listing fee is gone. You have to pay for it to be listed every time you put something up for sale there.

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Its a Listing Fee, Like @Cryon1c said. You pay for the Listing of your Item on the Server Market.

You should ask for it back seeing as it was listed and no one could buy it where you recoup some gold back for the fee, but I wouldn’t hold much hope AGS doing anything.

Yeah but on the other Hand if you pay the listing fee you are make a contract with the game, that they are listing it, but the game aka AGS turned off the AH and so it must normaly be 2 ways.

  1. If the Ah going on again the auction should continue for the item.

  2. If not, so it´s endet cause off the shut down, they normaly must pay a compenastion cause of the contract.

Worst software developers in history. They should have been fired if they were at any other company, they work for a company like amazon that is reckless and has terrible customer service.

Let’s hope they paused everything, but I looked maybe a day ago and the auction said 1d remaining. Today it said 11h this morning.

The Item was still listed and could be seen. Just not bought :stuck_out_tongue:

At the moment through the shut down it´s like frozen what you see, but they sad that they do a rollback so he should wait until the Ah is on again to look.

And if the auction is gone / ended, cause of the shut down, they must pay a compensation.

Wait for it :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Yeah… not holding my breath on this one

I had tons of jewelry on the tradepost for 2k-20k a piece, several trophy items for 10-20k etc, I’d assume I spent upwards of 20k on deposits for the 7 days that I posted everything…

It’s incredibly annoying but after the latest debacle, I’m not sure I want to even suggest compensation…

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Let me dream pls… maybe it happens :joy:

Auction House will be rolled back to the state it was before the bugged compensation happend. So everything is literally undone/untouched as you left it bout an Hour or two before the shutdown of the market.

Thats why it took/takes that long.

No compensation needed, as nothing lost.

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