What happens when you change the original game's vision?

New World is what happens.

I stopped playing quite some time and I’ve been waiting for some sort of announcement that will convenience me to stay and continue playing. It’s been a crazy ride, from exploits, bugs, and broken systems. The issues were obvious and the concerns were known during beta. The game is a mess. You can clearly see the game was designed with PvP at heart, then it derailed into a more casual PvE focused game. This is what happens when games become a business.

As much as I wish it weren’t true, this game will fail soon enough. You have lost over 90% of your playerbase and this game isn’t even early access. It’s irredeemable. The only way I can see the team salvaging what’s left, it turning the game into what it was intended to be. Unfortunately, you now have two different communities, brought in from greedy intentions, that will clash if that were to happen. I literally see no way out of this. PvPers aren’t having fun, nor are the PvEers, you lost both communities.

I hope the best, but I’m extremely disappointed. The greed in the gaming industry is pushing me to quit altogether. Fun, polished, and finished games have gone extinct, all for cash. I can’t count the amount of games that I own with “potential” that collect dust and never reach it. You also didn’t just disappoint me, but many gamers overall, further ruining their trust in future games.


That’s why you stay.

It’s been a crazy ride. It continues to be a crazy ride. Some weeks I kept playing because I honestly wanted to see what could possibly go wrong next. Other times I played because I enjoyed relaxing into the gathering at night.

Now I stay because I like how far they have come from a dupe filled exploited buggy broken mess to a game that needs some serious QOL and balancing, but it is playable.

Quit or stay, it’s all about the ride.

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I like your optimism, but unfortunately I’ve seen this time and time again. Many of us did. By playing, you’re basically telling the developers that you’re fine with their decisions. A game can’t just change it’s direction near the end of development and somehow be perfectly fine after release. When games are developed, systems revolve around every single thing you do within the game. This is why there were so many issues and questionable mechanics.

That is why the game is so hollow. If it were a PvP as it was intended to be, then the game wouldn’t be suffering so much. Instead they are building the PvE content which can take several years before it’s even comparable to other MMOs. People see right through the copying and pasting of quests and such a terrible storyline which isn’t engaging for anyone. The game has an identity crisis and it will just be a memory soon enough.

They do not have the time to make up for what they promised for both communities, everyone is beyond angry and fed up. The lying and incoherent information they provided during the entire ride, didn’t help, it just added more fuel to the fire. The team basically sold a product which is intentionally covered with another label to make it seem like it’s something it is not. I don’t see how this game isn’t a scam.


I played New World since Alpha, was in both Beta’s when launch came I did not go into the game with high expectations.

Honestly it isn’t even optimism, it just is what it is. I find enjoyment in the game so I play, others who don’t will play something else. Hopefully AGS can do something as time goes on to bring those others back, or if the game stops being fun, i’ll join them.

Hating about what the game isn’t beyond providing that feedback does nothing to change that the game you want isn’t this, yet at least.


I’m not hating. I provided my two cents. The only chance of this game being brought back is by focusing on PvP, which is clear that they will not. Their recent scaling changes were a slap in the face to the MMORPG PvP community. Also no need to white knight, what you’re doing doesn’t provide anything whatsoever.

~100,000 people are having fun every day. This is indeed much lower than the amount of platers that started, but it is still enough to be considered a successful game.

And please don’t pretend to speak for me, I am having fun.


And your post is curing cancer or something?


~100,000 people are having fun every day. This is indeed much lower than the amount of platers that started, but it is still enough to be considered a successful game.

You know that meme where the dog is in a house on fire and says everything is fine? That’s who you remind me of. Literally the worst can happen and yet you will claim New World is successful. The vast majority, completely disagree. By the way, since December to January, the playerbase further dwindled by 30k.

And please don’t pretend to speak for me, I am having fun.

I never spoke for you, don’t speak for me. The people I speak for, are those who have already quit and they don’t care to write why on a forum.

And your post is curing cancer or something?

Now you’re just trolling and nitpicking. I provided feedback and stated what should occur to save the same. You and your buddy did nothing but try and undermine me and stir up a conflict. Fans like you are always around when the ship is sinking, you never have the last laugh though but you will still believe in your delusion.

There you go trying to speak for me again. I never said everything is fine, just that I am having fun. The game has problems but they seem to be working on turning them around and the playerbase is still large enough to sustain it.

You did nothing new. This exact same post with the exact same complaints and exact same suggestion has been made 1000 times. You are boring.

You don’t know me, if you did you would know that I am quite critical of many aspects of the game.

Again, you are a bore.

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That’s not how we got here, and it’s obvious you either don’t know that or want to gloss over it. The fact of the matter is that out of control PKers (note the distinction here between PKers and PvPers - I typed PKers and meant PKers…players who want nothing more than to kill the easy targets for lulz…people who get their gaming rocks off by ruining the gameplay of others) who just couldn’t stop themselves from relentlessly slaughtering noobs on the beach in the initial Alpha…over and over and over…caused AGS to look at the results of what they had built and decide it wasn’t what they wanted. That was 2 years ago.

And that, Butchery on the Beach™, is why we have a flag for PvP environment. Once PvP became optional then they saw the new need to create content and an environment for PvE.

That is how we got here. AGS is not going back there. Bet on it.


Eh, I don’t know how many other people do what I do, but the only time I log on in the day is to spend 45 mins doing a chest run and then to throw my asmodeum onto the trading post. The games gotten super stale with 0 end game, so I’ve essentially gone down to playing maybe an hr a day.

They did not lose 90% of the playerbase. The playerbase is who remains & is growing again. The 90% you speak of are stream/youtube watchers hyped into it & didn’t like it or were told to hate it by the same people who told them to buy it.

90/10 rule. 90% of all people are talentless while ten percent are talented at what they do. 90% of people are dumb, group think “check to make sure everyone else is laughing at the joke before I do” types - like Matthew Broderick’s boss in cable guy. Those are who left. The ones who live in the hive mind. The artificially intelligent parrots of the world. Exceptions to every rule, though this is still the gist of what happened. Some left for legit reasons of the game not suiting their taste.

Many streamers & YouTubers got SCARED by new world & saw their audiences splitting - they had to remain with one game or go to the new, losing either audience in the choice. For them, the best bet was to make as many hate it as possible & continue in the comfort zone with the die hard supporters of the game/s they are already playing before this.

Do not trust streamers or YouTubers: They want maximum views & do not care how they get them & MAINTAIN them. They play the 90% like f&%^ing fiddles, endlessly. Such is the pattern in all aspects of life, not just games.


Drama much lol?

I stopped reading after that.
Game changed because even fewer people liked the “original game.”
Biggest problem with this game is that it was released too early.

Well, we can of course further expand on that, as in this has been a known phenomena long before New World, and the developers could have pre-considered this, or after being unsurprisingly confronted with it, chosen a different set of counter measures. A criminal system as in once you have attacked and killed lower level players, you gain ‘criminal’ status with npc guards attacking you on sight, quest npcs no longer interacting, exp gain punishment, potential of loot dropping on death increasing, and more, on a timer, growing or shrinking dependent on your continued actions.

There would have been other pathways available, but instead it does appear the studio chose to try draw in the pve market for extra sales. I am not against this path, I am a pvx player and enjoy pve content, but I believe the game simply was released too early, which again to me appears was a decision made based on max sales possible. Gaming community has been starved of releases, pandemic… which explains the insane launch numbers.

It is what it is though, and I do not see them able to reverse the pve course, and pvx games can work, PWI worked before p2w totally broke the pvp side, they had optional flag open world and territory wars, also some always flagged servers, extreme level and gear grinds, but somehow they managed to wrap it all into charm and fun. Also helped the game was something like 2 years old before it even hit the international market, so it was a finished product, tried and tested in China, and Malaysia too, as far as I recall.

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Not everyone who logs in is having fun. Not every account logged in is a human, many are bots or gold sellers. Not everyone who is on the forums still play the game. I can admit I hope that the game finds its identity and that the devs decide once and for all of they are a pvp game or a pve game. Once they figure that out maybe it will get better.

And 100k is peak population. The number of people who log in is likely at least three times that. I am confident 100k of them are having fun.

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Being objective about the current status is not white knight.

This game cannot return to what you wanted it to be, you cannot do full loot pvp anymore. The systems in game just wouldn’t support it. The looting/gearing system would need to be completely redone. You can’t do always flagged, there are just to many things solo players want to be able to relax and do without a gank squad rolling up on them, especially with how little open world combat actually matters in it’s current state.

You can’t have players leaving their 75th Genesis run only to die while loading out and losing that 600 Infamy they been grinding for weeks. What they have now does not translate at all into a healthy PVP focused game.

This doesn’t mean it won’t become that. They could do a whole instanced map where server vs. server battle on a never ending warzone for terrority control that brings resources home to the mother land. The new area could have specific gear that is PVP focused and they could do more with PVP there that doesn’t interfere with PVE.

The game launched in October, it has been making steps, those steps where hindered by massive oversights and glaring exploits which ate up a lot of time, and there are still hundreds of thousands playing it. How they decide to proceed from here will determine player retention.


Stop taking the excuse that it was a butchery on the beach with everytime poor naked killed by vilain tard it’s really easy to resume the thing by that. And it suck. The only reason was just : they was afraid of making an hardcore mmopvp game. Like wake up do you play " Rust " or know the game ??? It’s a butchery everyday on every beach everywhere you have multiple factor to determine if you gonna survive or not and only the Pve Farmcity guys will be afraid by that. But the Farmcity and other type of Pve players will not be attracted by the game so they just make what we know now. A mix of PvP Pve whit the feeling incomplete that there is something wrong in both way. So the only reason why they changed the direction is just about the money and the community they want to touch, nothing more, no risk. Bet 1.000.000€ the game will have more peak players now if he was launched with all the amelioration to be a reference in that type of game. Of course we will not hit 900k day one but after 3-4months I really think the playerbase will be higher than now, because hardcore player is mental player . That’s why a lot like me stay because we still found some enjoyment but less every weeks … I wish the best to the game but i don’t think the Devs are in a good way…

I flagged up one time in open world. 3 guys saw me & insta-killed me. Never flagged again. I’ll duel for fun. I won’t be running around getting interrupted by ganged up players.