What happens with Lamian server? No merge for it?

Hi @Luxendra,

The players from Lamian (Vanaheim Lambda) were expecting for a merge because we are a low server population; however, this server doesn’t appear on the Planned List of Worlds Scheduled for Merge and we dont understand it. Could you clarify, please?


Same happens with Bengodi from the same world set. We would be interested in having more information about that.

My fear is that Bengodi and Lamian will be merged with Kor (it has the reputation of being the Spanish server with the most toxic community, no offense).

What about Karkar? Max 800-1000 players online

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For each world set there are 1-2 servers not listed. That is because those are the servers that will be receiving the players. The ones that are listed are the ones that are going to be getting merged into the 1-2 non listed servers.

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not true, Mictan of Arkadia Mu has 70 players, why would a 590 pop server merge into a 70 pop? That makes 0 sense and it wouldnt match up with their previous merges.

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This world set has 3 servers not mentioned in the notes: Kor, Lamian and Bengodi

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@Luxendra @TrevzorFTW the list has been modified but Lamian still dissapeared. Pls, we need a clarification.


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And I’ll ask again, @Luxendra @TrevzorFTW , what will happen with Lamian?



:frowning: no news

@TrevzorFTW I’m really worried all servers from our world set will be merged but Lamian, with low population, doesn’t appear. I read the small note: " If your world is not on the list, you are not scheduled for a server merge at this time." but there is no apparently reason to skip this single one world from the merge.

I beg you a clarification about that, please.

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@Luxendra @TrevzorFTW please, give some light over these shadows :frowning: We don’t know why Lamian is excluded from merges. The one server in the world set doesn’t receive a merge :confused:




UP! @Luxendra @TrevzorFTW

@Luxendra @TrevzorFTW @Kay Lamian has just lost 30% of its players because they have migrated to another server, so we are playing in a almost dead server. What do you think about that? The design of the partial server migrations looks to be a wrong decission for a small base of players.

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Lamian server will be dead soon…do us a favor and merge it with Bengoli!

Could you please provide some feedback about this topic?

They put the horse before the cart.
Merges should have been first, THEN server transfers.
There are for example people who transferred, then got merged back into the server they transferred from.

Of course now that it’s almost dead, everyone might as well just transfer out and save them a merge.