What I consider to be a pretty well balanced OPR match by now

like fr this is the closest match i had all day. really glad they just ignore the very very very few OPR flaws.

What have you done to change things on your side?

Every single player can have a huge impact on the outcome of each match. Most just choose not to and expect others to do it for them.


Its pretty normal considering half of people stop trying after they lose first mid fight …

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“But, but, i gotta be in the zergy bois Hal, i don’t wanna play minecraft”

One person being a sneaky little sneak can absolutely jank an OPR, and turtle the whole match. A handful can turn the tide on an otherwise back and forth meatball fest.

These guys are the real mvp’s


i dont care about winning. i just want normal rounds with fun fights. the teams are just way too unbalanced. one team has 2 pre mades and the other team is stuck with 15 range bots.

I like to statpad those resources contributed!


I agree with this, it’s what I do. The jungler role. It works and doesn’t rely on other players, just the rest of your team to not get rolled at the start



I do the same. Can get over 4k mats contributed and a few kills in a good game

That’s it. If the team can survive to first baron we’ll probably win.

The only other thing that can foil my plan is having a team full of PvE farmers who don’t understand the jungler role :rofl:

Nothing I can do about that though :man_shrugging:t3:


Jungler role is OP against enemy farmers you can nullify their whole farm just by taking all ore and then harassing the hell out of backcap even if you are outnumbered.

Means they don’t have respawn or CP buff or higher tier doors.

OPR theory crafting ftw :slight_smile:

I would be happy with that. Worst thing in the game is 40+ min opr matches with the “we already lost but lets take baron to waste more time”. if its 1000 vs 995, I don’t get jack extra and could have fit 3 “bad” opr matches in the same time.

I still back cap and try to win because I’m a “do your best” tard.

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Haha I LOVE when the enemy team has farmers. It’s my own team’s farmers that I can’t do anything about and they keep poorly utilizing the resources.

Everyone wants an answer to the what the “best” strategy is but it’s always changing in the jungle.

Enemy team stomping ours? Backcap and fort it up with a respawn.

Enemy team fortin’ it up? Grab a brute for the door and a keg for the spawn point.

Heavy battle mid? Kegs for baron and let’s gooo!

Close match? Get those command tents up and battlebread in the storage!


^ I hate it when my team has multiple farmers. Is just a waste.

Recently I have been partially toxic about this to shame them, because I just can’t deal with it.

I’m there contributing 4 times as many resources as them and I’m getting kills whilst they are just dieing the first time an enemy sees them.

And when the enemy zerg reaches our base they might aswell have not have spent time gathering those mats because the doors are down in seconds.

People moan about my playstyle, I even received a ban for cheating because of it. Yet there is a scoreboard there them know I’m on the enemy team and they know what I do but they never counterplay.

Always with the mindless zerg.

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AGS hates PVP players. They ignore all threads discussing PVP balance and delete any threads questioning them never responding. It’s pretty clear now.

If they wanted to fix OPR in the SLIGHTEST they would let you get points while inside a fort or on the walls, regardless of who controls it. That encourages defending what you have.

They encourage players to go spawn camp as when you have all three forts thats the only PVP way left to get points.

I recently picked up jungling too. Its 10x more fun to me that zerging OPR ever was.

I really enjoy invading other people’s mines, smacking them & taking what they gathered. Sometimes it may turn games around.
Granted I do end up smacked myself from time to time with 500 or more mats but thats the risk part - you cant always be ahead now can you?
I love it.

Did they actually mass report you for gathering mats?

Sadly 8/10 people who queue solo dont check the storage, ever. Even if you tell them to.

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