What I Need to see in Patchnotes this Week

Healing bonus on armors:
Light: 30% more healing.
Med: 0%.
Heavy: 30% less healing.

Remove stagger on Path of Destiny, add a short slow instead or something.

Great Axe:
x% overall damage reduction.
Reduce “Charge”-distance on light attacks.
Slightly reduced healing.

Rework resilient perk:
2% crit damage reduction on Heavy.
4% on Medium.
6% on Light.

x% overall damage reduction.

Armors in general:
The gap in armor rating between light and heavy is to great. Light armor players need trauma surgery after taking a hit while heavy armor players get an owie and a my little pony bandaid.

This is solely based on PvP and iv’e only touched on the once that are crucial in my opinion.
I’m so close to being done with this love/hate-relationship i got going with this game.

Devs please ignore this man he clearly has never used the bow


houses inventory gone, cant pay taxes, housing items not tradeable, completly worthless proffession atm, luck assecoire gives negative luck, empty servers, no merges, long long annoying list and absolutly no comments from the devs… just sad …

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hard pass

AGS: Best I can do is 5 new bugs

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