What I think of the game

Hello how are you all

So I know I am noone and haven’t left a comment in here before or after the beta. But I have been busy making video’s and moving home now, I am in a good place with video’s and moved and played 136 hrs I know it’s not a lot like most of you but please remember for some week’s I was moving and had no internet I was using my phone to have internet on my laptop so I can edited my video’s.

I do want to say for someone who is dealing with Mental Health it’s a great way to get away from the stress of life and I play New World to do that. I’ve got a friend in real life who played the game and he stopped and I got my dad into the game and now he is hooked and he is slowly getting better. I also have dyslexia so the quest can be hard to do. I also like how NW give’s free stuff if you know where to look, I also like the main story and the fishman and his joke’s Like I say I know I am noone, I am also part of the New World Creator and I just wanted to say hello.

Dudley (Youtube DuddlezGamer)

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