What I would like to see in new world

After spending 100+ hours playing new world and trying to learn as much as I can about the game, I have some ideas that have been brought up across the boards possibly.

  • Damage Counters: Expeditions(PvE)/War(PVP) # to show who the strongest was in your group/company.

  • Achievements: geared towards doing insane acts like healing x amount of damage in amrine/starstone, or killing 4 people in 20 secs, etc.

  • Mounts: I can only assume that these will enter the game at some point. But at the rate that azoth is spent, Mounts would be so much more helpful if I’m out of Azoth. It would probably keep players for just spamming portal runs all day so they fill their azoth up.

  • Fishing: I want more. I love the idea in general.

  • Tutorial: A user friendly quest to teach you the idea of using the crafting system. I understood it from playing previous mmo’s, but I had friends that didn’t know that was even a thing until explained. to be specific, The level of the gear score going up and the tier lvl usage of materials

  • Griefing/PVP: If you can kill it, you will grief it. I came to grips with this years ago in Wow. From what I have seen at least in the server I’m in, people spam faction chat point fingers and blaming other companies for losing wars. It ends up 2 of the factions get thick and the third one falls to the way side. I’ve watched 2 factions gang up on the 3rd faction and purposely not hit each other just to kill the 3rd faction. I always assumed 3 factions would make it like 3 warring kingdoms. You will definitely get bulled, if you arent good at PVPing.

Im going to be posting on here regularly and would love to hear from others. The best way for New World to see that we have idea is expressing them, so lets keep this forum hot boys. Look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield.

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