What Id like from New Worlds Future Updates

In no particular order:


  • Trade more than 10 things at a time

  • Company storage or the ability to send items to someone’s ‘mailbox’ who is offline (Specifically in your friend list)

  • Mounts - encourage exploration & Is not such a penalty to not have azoth (Especially since you might have to go different places to craft items or parts of items)

  • Sequence quests - so you only have to turn in the quest at the very end of the quest line

  • Trade azoth - the ability to take some of your azoth and put it in a bottle to give to your friends/crafters

  • Instanced fishing spots

  • Mini Map

  • Sell only what is in your inventory instead of in your wall locker

  • Salvage all button

  • Obtaining gold from salvaging based off of level of item (i.e. a tier two item would be “worth” less than a tier four) | I personally have a hard time keeping gold in my pockets between crafting for my company (since we are all almost lvl 60 and it would take too long for everyone to catch up to my trade skill lvls) and repairing my own items


  • Not such a negative for multiplayer - Wanting to split who crafts and who gathers etc, is a common thing in most games, so making it harder to keep crafting levels with player level when you don’t have all the time to gather/craft for all items you need

  • No bind on pickup (for craftable items) - doesn’t always make sense for an economy based game (can force grinding for a chance at something that might not be better than what can be crafted)

  • Edit/tailor dropped armor/weapons (either change attributes or features on something you want)

  • Add two special resources to armor/weapons (One for attributes & one for other)

    • Pick a few traits when you put azoth into crafting so you can pick what you wish for your items if not allow the above
  • Have more clear categories for specking (i.e. Tank, dps, healer) for when you putt attributes on an item (See above comment) - If I want to put strength and constitution on an item, it is highly likely that I do not want a healer skill or a bow skill with that

  • Remove lower level resources from creating the next higher tier items (Hemp goes into making Silk | hemp and silk and wirefiber goes into the next tiers) or make an abundance of the lower items (personally, id like to see each tier have its own crafting requirements instead of having each more of the lower level items)


  • Have preset armor skin based off of previous equipped sets (One of the best MMOs I’ve seen with this feature is the Star Wars The Old Republic). Understandably some of the skins are going to be a prime gaming feature (since this is an amazon game), however it shouldnt seem to be a punishment to those who dont want to spend the money for a prime account.

    • That being said, there should be a way to share the prime account with one other player. Personally, my family (Myself and my spouse) use one prime account but since I attached the account to my steam, they cannot get the free skins/merch I can due to a technicality. I understand you want people to pay for things and not cheat, but it is a little disapointing
  • More customization (especially ethnic representation) & ability to change certain things after start (I.e. hair color/style)


  • Map can be bugged to not show correct level of crafting/refining in towns

  • Better Scaling of logging experience

  • Have gathering bonuses (I.e. speed, luck, etc) be a skill tree that you choose what you want as you level up that skill instead of based off of attributes (i.e. dex is better at skinning) [see above comment for multiplayer split]

  • Nerf exp gain from crafting so that you cannot gain massive amounts of levels just by crafting (see comment about multiplayer split for responsibilities) - Put that into the increased exp for leveling that crafting skill instead

  • Scale difficulty of expeditions - Allow for groups minimum of three and max of six to complete all (or most) expeditions for more players enjoyment (especially since the main quest requires you to go through a few of them)

Please feel free to add your own wants/thoughts, but realize this post is my opinion and what I would like to see. There is enough negativity in global chat and even on this forum from time to time, please don’t bring it here when this is just one persons feedback.

I can get behind most of your points but you lost me when it came to your crafting asks. Seems like you want to eliminate the RNG and the incentive for levelling yourself for the BoP pieces.

Thats completely fair! I guess I personally am used to a different type of MMO/game in general. If it doesnt work with how this game is/how people want it to work then so be it.

My main ask for crafting is because this game is economy based, which usually requires supply and demand. Which would allow for specialties in crafting or gathering.
Currently the game is setup so that everyone can do everything, which may not drive the economy. The only “demand” for someone to be a crafter is just a demand of someone not wanting to do it themselves.
All of this goes into not a need to sell items (since everyone gets the ability to craft those items). So there isnt a need to have someone get good at crafting due to BOP items that cant be sold to others who dont want to craft.

My other point about editing items would be for those who dont want to craft/cant find what they want.

As for adding two crafting mods onto items or having a choice/system for what you put together, I feel that is self explanatory.

Do you have any suggestions for how this would impact your play?

I can appreciate the want for specialists within the crafting sphere and while I think that it would give more meaning to the craft in question, I do believe that something like altering stats would render god rolls worthless.

Unsure if you have played recently but does the shard system not fill the gap in selecting a perk and attribute, may be missing something here. I came to new world from years of fps so my knowledge on the norms within this genre is extremely limited.

With what you have promoted, I would be affected in the sense that my gear would improve dramatically with little effort; as I focus on pvp, having someone swap my attributes or perks such as beast bane would be amazing. This would however remove the time-gate implemented through asmodeum and the like. I don’t doubt that in the coming months everyone will be 200 in all areas with full crafting gear and trophies but then the demand is placed on the crafted item not the profession.

I like that you’re looking to offer constructive insight to the game in it’s current state and have brought up some very nice points :slight_smile:

I do believe that something like altering stats would render god rolls worthless.

I think that is part of the point, being pvp it would be a downside for sure, but it would make for a balanced pve experience.

Shards are ok, but it still needs a lot of work. Attributes and one mod is great but if you put azoth in and get something you dont want, it would feel like a waste of resources. For example, you get a strength bonus on a hammer, you put more threat on it (because tank), then you put azoth in and it gives you bow and musket perks. That would negate making that hammer and you would have to make it a few times just to get what you really want.

I have played WoW and FF14, which allows for those who want to do pve to be separate from pvp. In a way they only interact via the trade post/requesting items to be built. I hope they can get to this point someday. I dont expect them to be as polished as WoW, since they havent had as much time, but I hope they look into other MMOs to find what works.

I hope you can give your input what you think/how it would effect you, since you have a unique experience from me! :slight_smile:

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