What if musket was a single Attribute instead of 2?

wouldn’t it be better to be a single attribute and give musket a buff so we can actually have more than 8,5k HP and not get 1 shooted by everything?

You will get damage nerfed by 60% if you remove int scaling. Just saying.

I mean, I’m listening but hardcore muskrats may not find this amusing.

thats why i said… buff it by the damage we lose… and make it single attribute, having low HP suckcs while everyone walking around with 12k

then people complain why we camp and shoot from 100m… a feather hit can kill us


I don’t complain about the distance, AGS still has to normalize potato graphics for everyone and rework musket hitscan.

It’s not only 1 thing that makes musket a cursed weapon, it’s the retarded combo output that AGS delivered. Hitscan weapon, potato graphics tweaks, mortal empowerment… It’s the unholy trinity.

lol no. as a musket user, i still run 150 int, 100 con, rest into dex.
I do massive damage, have solid sustain. Stop following stupid online builds. Build for yourself. youll realise that building for yourself benefits YOU greatly. You control what you need in order to survive.

You cant do damage if you get 1 or 2 shot. So add con and youll still do solid damage. Coming from an arena / open world pvp player.