What if theres a rift

what if theres a rift spawn at the wild world randomly,20-100 players which comes from the other servers came out of it, came for especial resources which are uniqe to their servers for crafting something special and powerful gears or machine or special and good looking skins which are only for rift walker.
for local ppl ,theres nowhere to hide,its not safe even in the settlement,they’ll gonna burn your house down(causing downgrade or else),kill whoever they saw.you gotta fight for your homeland,hunt them down or be destroyed lol
it looks exciting! :smiley:

For that to happen they meed to solve the single shard problem… or do it for instanced content like dungeons or arenas.

i think MMO need world wild pvp not in a instance

But do you realize that the game servers can’t handle a lot of people in same place? hell if I remember correctly they are capped at 2000

so they need to implement single shard or put those wild pvpers in a server and let them have fun… you can call that server “an instance” of some arena/dungeon or you can call it a “world”
the later have been already asked for in this forums

yes,maybe set a limit like 20 or 100 would be fine ,not too many. they can kill whoever they saw and local ppl just need to turn off pvp then they can fight back alltogether. and it becomes tom and jerry,hunt or be hunted.

they can take the fort and stay if they want,theres a connection has been made once they came to the server by rift,and local ppl can go to theirs by rift also.

So I was wandering this. I think there are already multiple shards. I have noticed that during certain parts of the main story line certain places change heavily in appearance. I see them completely differently than someone not at that point in the story does. I think there is a shard system in place but its not utilized widely yet.

But how do you fit 200-300 more players in a server that is already crowded…
say, the server is capped at 2000 but right now only 1700 are playing concurrently… here comes the rift and 300 players from another server comes in, now the server is at max capacity and can’t accept anyone else… so if another player, from the server that was invaded, wants to login would be sent to queue and sit there until someones disconnects…

Also, I’m not sure allowing players from other servers should be allowed to participate in another server’s faction war… think about those servers where a faction single handed dominates the entire server! such faction could start invading other servers and dominate them too

Screw that. WoW screwed themselves when they went to sharding instead of keeping players server-locked. Sharding destroys the community when you never see the guy you helped ever again, its a wasted cause. Communities lose the ability to police itself with social norms.

I like playing next to (and against) the same group today as tomorrow. It lets you learn their strats, get inside their head.

A shard is often used to refer to an instance or copy of the world, so yeah NW has shards but we call them servers

plus it can screw the market, specially if people can jump shards willy-nilly, just farm this node… jump shard, farm node again… and so on

Can you elaborate on what you are requesting with this then as i think I missed your point.

I just am looking for clarity as the only time I have seen the term shard used was in WoW so my experience is limited. However in that game a Shard was when a version of the same spot might look different to one person as apposed to another based on where they were at in the world story or when there were multiple instances of the same map that multiple people could be on which would not be needed here as the server cap is 2000.

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it just needs 300 ppl in or out ,they can stay untill they’re all killed.it would be fun guess

there’s a limit to the rift like gathering a bunch of things to make a rift and it lasts for days then gone,

single shard is when all players of a game play in the same version of the world, with pretty much no population cap! is the holy grail of any mmo

AFAIK the term shard was coined by ultima online’s dev… it was used as part of lore (something something about shattering a gem) but effectively represent a server with a copy of the world where some players inhabit.

there is a similar term, a channel, which is used to limit the amount of players that can interact with each other within a shard.

FFXIV already has this but is called “world visit” if I recall correctly… it has some restrictions, for example this feature is only available between world (shards) that are in the same datacenter than your homeworld…

that system work really nice for FFXIV’s LFG system because you can party up with other world’s players to do instanced content

Going forward I hope the devs can make every effort to keep anything INSTANCED to a bare minimum. It is immersion breaking and doesn’t have any place in an mmo.

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I get you don’t like instancing. got you!


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