What if we go on a wizard strike?

We all know that the developers have no intention of doing anything for wizards except a pittance of 3.5%.

It is frustrating to always be waiting for them not to answer.

I propose that people stop playing with magic weapons or (in my case) not even play until they do a restructuring of the weapons.

Let’s assume that they will have statistics to see the use of weapons.



Wdym. Muskets are super strong. It’s the strongest int weapon.


I mean… I have no opinion on the actual subject, but I feel like there’s a high chance this plan would backfire and make them just ignore whatever problem you think there is even more though haha


ignore more? They totally ignore us…

There are too many threads talking about the same thing with hundreds of messages in which they have not even responded.

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Sure that will work, lets tell ags we quit their game because mages are in a bad spot. Its not like the game is pay once to play with no subscription and they already got our money.

Member that scene from south park when they want to change cable company? I member. And damn it feels so real…


Maybe there is no subscription, but I was one of those who liked to buy items in the store…
And surely many more.

Well its quite unrealistic to organize a “strike” in a video game. Most people dont give a fuck.

But being generous and assuming they would then it requiers someone with a lot of reach to spread the message.

Either way I dont think it would change anything. Data telemetry from previous patches is still there and AGS seems to be unable to comprehend there’s also VOD of live gameplay and a lot of human factor to consider. So yeah, good luck

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Thank you for your invaluable contribution. Good thing you’ve arrived.

/ironic mode off

There I give you the reason. It’s almost impossible, but let it not be said that it wasn’t tried… it’s up to the players.

As I said, good luck.

I see a lot FS and IG in OPRs and Arenas and they present really strong in good hands check out Barri a lot of them are on top of rankings. If u boost FS more then you will just make FS/BB overpowered. Now its strong build with buffs hmm…

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Funny how people mention this argument without realizing what it means…

So what you’re saying is that FS can not be buffed because it will make one specific weapon combination stronger? Sounds like the issue lies somewhere else brother.

I feel one of the biggest problems (aside from the root/slow from our autoattacks) is that we need more mage themed/int based weapons. The IG/FS feel in an ok spot to me, sure there are abilities that need tuned up or reworked, but overall they feel ok. The VG definitely needs some of its offensive capabilities tuned back up. But aside from this we don’t have any other weapons to throw into the mix

But you understand that there will be no more of FS/IG ? Everyone will just still play FS/BB due to oneshot potential… You will just make it easier, this game has enough damage burst … I would rather choose direction of increasing TTK than reducing it more, read as: nerf other weapons no boost FS.

Which is no way argument to keep FS the way it is because it can be solved with something else entirely like for instance increasing con to HP scaling which imo should have been done a long time ago.

VG is specific weapon. In OPR and arenas you need specific comp. Otherwise you might feel weak. Its close combat battle mage weapon or support in OPR when match is dominated by range dds like musket and bows you will feel useless. If there is healhy balance between melees, ranges, healers teammates will beg u to join their group if they dont have Vg/Ig.

Ok then dont use it bro, if you cant play well with huge aoe projectiles and big damage then i dont even know what youd do well with, go spam left click with a hatchet or something

I dont say it does not need rework, but damage of FS is fine I feel only lack of group utility, which mage as mid-range class should have. FS/IG n FS/Rapier are strong 1v1/3v3 build no doubts… Wars well here we have problem which I mentioned above, 0 group content utility.

You will see they boost af Fire Staff, everyone will play it like they play bow now xd Fire Staff meta is coming.

Was it on up until this point? Makes sense haha