What is a fair fix for ALL players after bricked launch?

I tried not to post anything about this but I have to let my thoughts out:

TLDR: Seems as if the most fair fix and punishment for all players is a full wipe and restart once the dupes are fixed.

**TO EXPLAIN:**I know it seems extreme for people out there but if you care to follow my thought process here we go…

Simply just banning all players who used/abused the trading and economy dupes does not address the damage it has already done to server economy. Let’s say you do catch everyone involved and remove them from the game… will you then be able to remove all of the duped items/currency they abused? If you are able to track all of that and remove it, what if they duped resources to craft items to sell and innocent players across the server bought them. Do you remove these items from these players? If you do, do you have logs of the gold they paid to refund them or do they just lose that gold and time due to the duping abuse of another player? If you don’t remove these items then you haven’t addressed the inflation to the server economy and while you’ve fixed the duping issue, you’ve left the game with the damage they’ve done.

Another example. A smart duper liquidates what he duped. Multiple people buy houses, upgrade trophies, make storage chests, upgrade towns, gear made with duped items and bought with duped gold changes hands 100 times. How do you address this? What about companies whos leaders duped but their members didn’t? Do their leaders get banned and the company lose it’s legitimate resources?

We haven’t heard any communication from AGS about tracking the damage and tracing all of the duped gold/items so even if they ban people and remove items and gold how can we protect the integrity of what has already been built? It seems like a lose lose situation to ONLY ban players who cheated but not remove the items they made/bought/traded for others. What about the innocent players who log in and don’t have anything they bought because it was duped and now removed???

There is a fundamental issue with transferring items or gold in ANY capacity on this game currently. IF they can fix that, then they need to just hit the hard reset button so that the game an community can move on and recreate itself without the inflation and damage of these exploits. That’s a big IF though because they have to figure out how to fix it first.

Thanks for reading.

nah, not needed. ffxiv totally rebuilt the entire game, and they didnt need to wipe my character when a realm reborn released.

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