What is Coin Transferal Disabled?


I’m trying to transact on the Trading Post and am currently unable to do so. I 'm getting a message that says “Coing Transferal Disabled”. Not sure what this means or why it’s happening. Can anyone let me know what the deal is and how to fix it? The Trading Post is kinda integral to game play.



It’s because they just discovered a massive duping glitch that people are using on shit accounts and then trying to spend the money in the trade market before the account gets banned so that the gold hits circulation from my understanding. Like people are listing 1 iron ore for max gold or some shit so they don’t get flagged for it but still get the money I guess.

Interesting. First I can’t post for sale, now I can’t buy things either. Seems like it’s hitting every where though. Maybe there will be a patch soon.

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