What is happening with the AP Southeast server

This is a question, what will happen with the AP Southeast server as the maintanace was supposed to happen 2 and a half hours ago? will we be expected to wait 5 hours from when it closed or should it be back up around the same time as the other servers?

They’re all down I believe, for 5 hours. It might take longer, as with most of their maintenance.

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Yeah being told the servers were going down, then not having them go down created more difficulty for the faction with the least number of players and levels 60’s in the war.

We need accurate and clear timings and communications around this.

Sigh - one more area goes purple.


yeah their all down now but the AP Southeast server didn’t go down for another 2 and a half hours after the maintanance was supposed to happen

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Oh really? That’s messed up. I logged at the supposed time, what a bummer! I really wish they didn’t do things like that. Glad you flagged it.

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