What is happening?

There are a lot of people wondering the very same things

You have had some time to reflect on these things and think of a response to our questions, whats happening?

How do you plan to fix the transfers, the ongoing bugs and exploits, the currency crisis thats beginning to develop? Are you even planning to fix any of this or hoping it will fix itself, give us some information

If you dont start repsonding to people this game is going to die very quickly, Im beginning to wonder what odds the bookies are giving for you to announce the cancellation of the game (not that I expect this to happen, but if you keep going down this path then its a possibility).

I know the diehards will defend you regardless of the criticism but this is all legitimate. I dont want this game to go down the route of devs saying nothing and expecting everyone to just accept it and keep playing. Thats not acceptable, you had 2 full beta tests and an immense amount of time to fix issues, you could see problems that other mmo’s encountered and tbh it seems you literally learned nothing from this.

Info if you would please


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