What is needed for you to come back?

This would be a must - or the new PvP servers would be instantly dominated by the companies who own EF on their regular servers and would be going there with the core PvPer crew almost fully BiS and filthy rich…as well as arriving with 5+ storage sheds each, stuffed full of pricey mats and gear.

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Only Scot Lane resignation form.


Bow buffs and arenas with no group queue

Fixing the base combat and weapons. They’re all broken and the combat itself isn’t balanced. Most if not all of the gear perks are busted in some way.

No one seems to care about it or they just know / care.

If you think you’re “good” at your build, think again. The weapons are broke. It’s not you. Trust me.

  • Remove much of the pve elements of the game.

  • Remove mutators ( mythic + ) pve nonsense.

  • If you are going to keep mythic + pve then allow PvP players to get BiS slot by PvPing instead of forcing PvPers to pve. No part of the game does it force pve players to PvP.

  • Don’t force PvP players to pve.

  • Give players who play in war a cooldown so players of the same faction contribute in wars. It defeats the whole purpose of a war if members of the opposite faction participate in your war while members of your SAME faction can’t participate. wtf…

  • Fix the skill buffering so that switching weapons is responsive rather than waiting for the last frame of a skill to end.

  • Ranked PvP content. Whether that is PvP arenas, battle grounds, OWPvP kills in a specific region in a specific time period.

  • A survivial game mode similar to PUBG or Fortnite.

  • Don’t force PvP players to pve.

  • A partial loot system where you can inject your gear with orbs, shards or runes so that the chance for your gear to drop when killed is difficult. You didn’t have to make an entire u-turn on your hardcode full loot system, you could have made it partial.

  • PvP only zones.

  • Building guild/faction forts in the real world.

  • Don’t force PvP players to pve.

  • PvP only gear.


Deleting PvP or forcing ALL PvP into PvP servers and making the rest zero-PvP. This puts all the PvP cheaters and exploiters together.

PvP is the root cause of so many issues and the population is mostly cheaters and exploiters now.
Any PvP at all is a complete farce where cheaters and exploiters just go out and seal-club legit PvP players. So don’t even bother asking for more or better PvP modes unless that is addressed – and since launch, AGS has proven they won’t bother banning anyone who cheats or exploits in PvP.


I don’t think we will see it, but a culture change with DEVS. Instead of hiding content behind painful mechanics that are tedious and boring for many players come up with new ways of doing things. Overall it’s a punitive approach. We had so many gatherers/crafters in our company and they were the first to go when they hit the crafting roadblocks.

  1. Dynamic content that is challenging, fun, and provides good rewards for the effort. How about you don’t drop gear? You drop components. Not just random crap, but useful and not bound on pickup A stat or perk component, you can combine a whole bunch of weak ones to certain limits or get lucky and get a really good one. Used to add perks or stats to anything.

  2. Travel.
    Many Players: Travel/Travel time is really horrible and punitive.
    DEVS: 10% Run speed increase on roads!
    Many Players: WTF?!? Really?
    DEVS: We added 6 new spots to slow travel to and reduced FT costs!
    Many Players: errr… still 525 azoth for one FT warp /sigh…
    DEVS: Did you miss the notes on that 10% travel speed increase on roads???

  3. Merged Storage Pool. Get rep for a region to 10 and your storage gets merged! This game has punitive crafting (requiring previous craft for the next craft, etc…) and you have to collect a ton of mats. So you spread your mats around 3 or 4 or more towns. But now you have to travel frequently JUST to craft. Oh…yeah. FT sucks in this game.

  4. PvP Server. Why not?

  5. Bugs and Exploits: The number of cheaters in this game (OPR?) is getting silly. Can’t go to an OPR without running into the aim botters, the warp speedrunners, etc…

  6. Dramatically reduce random.

  7. Managed gear profiles/No damage to gear in bags. Swapping from one set to another. Easy Peasy.

  8. No orbs for base expeditions. Only used to increase difficulty and rewards. But don’t make them so painful to make/obtain.

  1. No cost teleport

  2. No cost dungeon entry

  3. Far more dungeons

  4. Raids

  5. Different Fort/Castle battles (different layouts)


Cross-Region transfers and an end to the desync and laggy PvP…

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i would love pvp servers. they would die faster than Francium does

the drama and entertainment from that would be endless

I never left, but play a lot less frequently (currently only level 40). Most conversation on the forum is centered around level 60 content, but we have to keep in mind that many many people dropped the game at around the “mid-game wall” point. We desperately need new, fun, and different content at around the level 20, 30, and 40 marks. One person in my group was basically done with the game right after we completed Amrine for the first time, saying that they felt like they saw most of the game already.
So after “bug-fix February” (which I’m looking forward to) I’m hoping to hear more mid-game content is coming soon.


QOL upgrading houses and or being able to sell them if we want to move it.

open world pvp rewards

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They need to rework the game completely, then I’d think of coming back.

  1. Three factions doesn’t work. It would be so much easier to balance 2 factions.
  2. Same with weapons, I think it’s hard to balance weapons because everyone can equip 2 different ones at the same time so it makes some broken combinations.
  3. Luck system must be completely removed
  4. Expertise can stay but it has to start from level 1
  5. Why do we need so many sets for everything? It’s just stupid. One set for each harvesting, one for each of crafting. Same with trophies. Stupid systems on stupid systems. Look at the crafting in Aion, for example. You just level up your crafting, get your recipes and craft happily items that HAS SET STATS AND PERKS not some random shit. Of course if you don’t fail your craft. But you get the gist of it.
  6. Instanced dungeons. Remove the orbs, just make dungeon resets and that’s it. Use the motes and other items used for orb crafting to be used somewhere else in other crafts.
  7. Bots and bugs and exploits and de-sync.
  8. Nothing. I rather play RF online on a completely dead server and I will still feel more rewarded for playing solo and getting everything maxed out.
  1. 90% discount on housing tax on a permanent basis. Now this is barbaric, even taking into account the imminent cost reductions by n an unknown number %

  2. revision of the cost of crafting for top-tier equipment. In many places this is just nonsense, in many places it is unjustifiably overpriced. In others, on the contrary, it simply requires countless low-tier materials. It makes me sick just to think that again I have to farm tens of thousands of leather or ore for one item.

  3. some permanent way to earn gold NOT from players. Trading floats from server to server, most players don’t even think about where they get 50-100k of gold, even though I’m like a crafter who develops solo professions with ±0 in my pocket.

in order to fully create jewelry for sale in the top tier class, I need about 120K gold for Tier 3 trophies. For me, this is an unbearable amount.

given that recently rare resources (which used to be rare) began to fall out of the boxes for their profession, they have lost a lot of value in the market. Now you can’t just cut down a tree for 5 hours, sell Wildwood and be in chocolate.

trade in resources is not very profitable in terms of time spent / profit. Food trading is not profitable in terms of the ratio of items sold / time to sell 1 piece. Trade in finished goods doesn’t make sense unless it’s a 600 gs minimum, and ideally with a good perk as well.

actually this is my main reason for leaving the game. I spent the whole endgame developing the profession and now I need money to invest in it again. But I can’t make money from my profession, because without investing in it, it doesn’t make sense.


Removal of the kicking feature for wars/invasions.

What would make me come back?

Literally just removing tuning orb requirements for vanilla dungeons. Personally, that’s all I need at this point. I enjoy running dungeons. All dungeons. Repetitively. Forever. Regardless of drops.


Agreed. I was running with friends last night. I was on standby…roster was full of the same 50 people as EVERY war. Minutes before the war, I got the invite (holy crap! I actually get to participate in a war)…left my group in the middle of having fun. Joined the war…found my group and got set up…seconds before the war started…kicked.

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It’s been several weeks for me. I quit when they first announced Umbral shards. Still hanging around here due to sunk cost fallacy I guess. At the same time though I’m quite happy not playing anymore so would take some serious changes to get me excited enough to come back

To come back:
-remove zone ownership or taxes from zones completely.
-make the two ‘neutral’ areas the only three you can own (shattered mountain, great cleave, eden)
-make it impossible to repair items. Crank their durability x10 and adjust all drops to balance
-remove all crafting RNG and make GS a sliding scale we can adjust ourselves and make it based on skill level
-AGS would need to hire someone that understands PvP systems and has experience with them
-PvP modes would have to be revamped. Make leaderboards with weapon sets used available. Ie: leaderboard for FS main is different from a leaderboard for IG main. Main is determined by the weapon you do most damage with in a match. Rewards are umbral shards for participation.

There’s probably more but those changes would make me take serious notice of game again

I would say (at least):

  1. fix the bugs (and stop adding new ones as they try)
  2. ban the cheaters (for example, ban everyone who dupped and stop the BOTs)
  3. fix WAR (make them playable)
  4. remove the cost of repairs
  5. find a mechanism that will allow the faction system to be balanced (learn from other RvR games)