What is NW thinking?

I have over 600 hours into the game, and sadly if this PTR update goes live, I am finally done. This game is like a HUGE Treadmill which is powered by devs who do not listen, put crap into game to continue to drag the same chest, dungeon grind out…

CAN WE PLEASE FIX BOTS/mega company company territory 4m+ a week issues/LAG and rubber banding in war/smoother pvp experience…
there is so many QoL updates
why dont you have polls and have us decide what goes into the game WE PLAY, it was obvious in the dev blog/myrk run you did you dont.
games already down to 70k players how much more before you listen?



Every MMO is a huge treadmill.


actually most mmos the gear is a treadmill, but the content is not. new mechanics, enemies, story. The gear is just a guide. Here, the gear treadmill is being over developed without it it leading to Compelling content.


Most modern MMOs, especially Wow clones.

If players only like to PVE for the rewards, give them titles and cosmetics.

PVP players would be happy with working combat in meaningful situations.

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In what alternate universe do you exist that shows this game down to 70k players? Come on, your complaints are okay, but to back it by statements like that makes me just roll my eyes at you. There are always going to be those who like and those who do not like the patches. If you have played 600 hours and have enjoyed the majority of ur time on the game thus far, my guess is that a 25 GS bump wont make you quit playing. The devs has said already February is going to be their month of focusing on bugs and things of that nature. If you are not happy with the current state of the game, take a break check it out again after a new patch. Good luck my friend. I wish you well :slight_smile:

Not true.

Some mmos REALLY make it easy on you. For example, GW2 makes sure never to raise levels, so if you take a year or two off and come back, many additions may have been made but your character and your gear is still good and you can get started in minimal time.

GW2 devs really get it when it comes to QoL, ease of play and most of all… fun!

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The game still has more than 70k players. Euro times peak at 90k+ and US times peak at 60-70k+.

There are still likely 150-200k players overall that log in and play from time to time.

10-15% of that are probably bots.

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there are 70k + players online at all times of the day. I would argue the game is north of 500k active players. Bots are a problem, but the forums over exaggerate them to an extreme level. I hope that is a big focus come February as well though. One can hope.

You could argue that, but it would be very difficult for you to prove that. You’d have to prove knowledge of seven times larger unique population than peak times. You’re claiming those 70k players turn over 7 times a day and they are all new people every 4 hours.

I am saying EU and Africa peaks at 90k for 4-5 hours per day. Then they probably have another 20-30k that play outside of that peak. That’s 120k.

US and Asia also have that 4-5 hour peak at 70k players, plus another 15-20k outside of it.

Based on peak players I would say this game has no more than 200k total players.

I don’t know where you imagine those extra 300k unique players come from.

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This is just a 3rd party site collecting data. But their numbers are almost to what I was predicting, little lower though.

Anyway this is kinda off topic.
I wish you all good luck in game, hope to see you all playing in the future ^^

Try using Steam Charts:

That website is off by a lot. And the rest of their data is the same as what you and I are doing – speculation. They have no idea how many unique players there are.

All we can go off of is ACCURATE peak tracking, and for that should probably go with Steam.

Take the bots out and there are 70 players

GW2 is hot garbage. There is no linear progression at all. Everything you do in that game is to grind for appearances, skins, mounts. Fashion Wars 2. Also, like half the items in the game are only obtainable through the cash shop. I’m here to play an MMO where you grind to obtain gear. If I only had to grind gear once, and it was good for the longevity of the game…that would be insanely boring. There is a reason GW2 population is terrible.

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