What is the drop chance for the defiled storage chest of the hare?

I understand this is suppose to be a super rare drop and have no problem with this, but after killing over 1.2k rabbits over 3 days and not had it dropped while also seeing many people get it within the first 30-650 kills, I would just like to know how rare is “super rare”? Am i still on the low end on the actual drop chance? am i half way? I’d just love a bit more info on what the actual drop chance is for these kinds of event items, so that i can actually enjoy the grind knowing i am either far off from the actual drop chance or i should’ve gotten it. Cus i’m just running around grinding rabbits worrying i’ve already gotten the drop and it’s despawned, or i was in a group and my group mate has killed a rabbit that dropped it for me and it’s despawned and now i’ll never get one no matter how long i go on for.

That would be a great question to the devs. If the loot drops and if nobody picks it up does it reset and it can be dropped again?

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Read this.

Yes. A moderator addressed this.

If you speak about your link; it does not. Since its the first time (as far as I know) that such a item exist that can drop only for 1 character and can’t drop again.

It goes back into the loot pool.

(I want to say after like 3 minutes, but I can’t find the actual post).

That what happens with normal loot, or was it specificly about the chest?

It was specifically about the chest. Was on these forums a few days ago.

seeing how you mentioned you can’t find the post that states it, i am worried that it might’ve been a post that’s said it, but no dev have confirmed it, but people are saying it even if it’s not been confirmed.

TO BE FAIR I didn’t try very hard.

Here you go.


The chest goes back to your loot pool after 3 minutes if you miss it :slightly_smiling_face:.


Thanks (: So some people are just very very unlucky

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