What is the point of 3 factions?

Why did AGS even bother making 3 factions? We are only allowed to fight OPR and Wars vs one faction at a time? What is the point of 3 factions?

In DAOC the whole point of 3 factions in PvP led to alot more interesting battles in their PvP zone. You would often get into battle with all 3 factions at once. But AGS has completely left that element out except for maybe a scuffle over their boring PvP quests.

Please add a PvP zone where we all fight as 3 separate factions.


I don’t understand why people waste time making suggestions that are never going to happen. They obviously aren’t going to delete one of the factions.

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Maybe they’ll add a PvP-centric faction v faction zone similar to DaoC. M


No one wants them to delete a faction. I want a PvP zone where we all fight otherwise the factions are pointless.

There’s no point for “any faction”, who do the fighting are companies, a.k.a. guilds.


Factions were great to funnel players into playing together at launch.

But Im also hoping they can pivot to some sort of open world persistent territory control that doesnt exclude players the way war does.

With the group finder coming out, even though its
just for expeditions at launch hopefully they can expand on it.

I miss the thrill of ambushing large group of enemy players while they fight another group of enemy players. It is very rare in video games to have 3 factions. They should be using it to its full potential. It doesnt always feel balanced but thats kind of the point. It doesnt have to disrupt the PvErs

So many great takeaways from DAOC that were ignored for the development of NW.

Dare to dream.

3 factions that spend very little time at war
Spend a lot of time in each others wars
And are suddenly allies in OPR & 3v3

The point of factions is to make the map colorful. Anything relevant burnt to a crisp ages ago.

So we dont end up like WoW with 1 faction per server lol