What is the point of server transfers

if you can transfer to high population/full servers. The whole point of server transfers was alleviate full servers. For example, I play on US West Camelot and before server transfer I never had to wait in a que (except when the game first dropped). Now, every time I come to log in at any point during the day, especially on weekends, I sit in a 400 person que. This is worse than when the game first dropped.

Camelot was already a high population/full server why in the world would people be allowed to transfer to a high population/full server. This is very basic stuff for an MMO.

Why are you punishing people who stayed committed to the server their on. Your fault you chose the server you did.

Server transfer all you want but CLOSE SERVERS THAT ARE HIGH POPULATION/FULL.

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thats not fair to people stuck in a 200 peak max live count every day. i transferred here to only have this server die and now im stuck. so with that being said people are transferring to the extreme high pops to not risk a situation like mine. get your greedy selfish head out of your ass

Point stands… that’s your fault… there are plenty of servers that are well over that peak count so your situation doesn’t happen.

My greedy selfish head? Read the message you just wrote… LOL, ya dingdong.

All I am saying is to close transfers to high pop/full servers. This is nothing new to the MMO world. WoW has the same mechanic in place. They did not allow people to transfer to high pop/full servers until they upgraded the servers massively.

sound salty, can i lick you

This happens to me as well so no I rerolled on a a high pop server. Sux to be leveling again but I’m kind of at a point where it’s do that or quit.

Actually the point of server transfers is so a player can move their character to a server that is better for them in whatever way they define “better” to be.

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I started like a week or so after launch and the server all my friends were on was full, so I made a character somewhere else then later transferred to their server

And your point is?..

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seem salty, can i lick you?

do you want to be salt overdose?

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Better than waiting 3 hours for a outpost rush pop. If OPR was cross server then your server wouldn’t be as full.

You could always transfer out.

not if server transfer token is gone already

Character transfers were always a bad idea. They discouraged players from choosing a different server to be with friends and resolving their issues during the first week.

This was never going to work out well.

Players moving early, before they saw where the majority of transfers land are going to end up in a worse situation than the one they came from, without a transfer option available.

My server which slowly added players to medium immediately went back to low population after transfers were implemented.

Transfers are something that should have waited for around 3 months so the population was settled. If anything they should have added a character merge option/announcement, so the people would have been more likely to re-roll after spending 20 hours on day one. Can’t lose all that progress to avoid a queue and play with friends!

Predictable disaster.

As an example, you are playing on Camelot us west; at launch, my guildies from other games went to Camelot due to not being able to create a toon there and the fact that ags stated we could move; I have made my toon on another server, once transfer came in. I transferred to Camelot such as many other people.

They did not enabled transfer to alleviate full servers, they enabled transfer to get back your friend that was left behind to alleviate full servers at launch.

Actually the op doesn’t have a standing point at all

Server transfers were made because new world locked servers before friends and relatives could join… that was the whole point of server transfers. The secondary benefit was people could leave high poo servers if they chose to or leave low pop server to join higher populated ones.

Once server transfers slow down then we will see mergers and once the mergers are complete another server transfer rush of people who haven’t used their server transfer will begin

Then after that stabilizes. Another round of mergers can be assessed and server transfers tokens will be made available for purchase in the store and they will probably start a server recommended system for new players

The point is, server transfers are wrecking existing servers, by overpopulating, depopulating, or destabilizing balance/economy.

They gave 1 transfer token. And 1 faction change without a big time delay. How would you feel if you used your 1 faction change to balance your server only to have transfers wreck it.

They gave a fix to a problem that already had a solution, the fix is causing more problems. I don’t think that waiting for an unknown length of time for a new fix when people don’t enjoy the situation they are in is healthy for the game.

server transfers aren’t the solution to population imbalance you mong. they’ve already said that mergers are coming and also potentially increasing population caps. No one cares that you picked the most popular server name on the entire list and boohoo it’s full all the time

Trololol. You guys used your token to transfer to “full” server and now you’re complaining that others are doing the same. Trololol.

lmao srsly the ppl in this thread…

ofc you do not allow transfers to servers that are already full. thats a literal nobrainer.

the point of transfers was to fill up more servers by accumulating the players from all the low pop servers on a few servers without overloading the already full ones. obv it didnt work out the way it was supposed to cos humans are dumb as rocks generelly so all the ppl from the 100+ low pop servers transferred to the 4-5 high pop ones. AGS fault here that they werent locked so now they will have to give out another round of free transfers in a month or 2, if 80% of the remaining players havent quit by then anyway…

PS: if you are smart and saw this coming you still have ur transfer.