What is the real end game?

It really REALLY pains me as a player with 684 hours in steam with this game, but this is absolutely dead on accurate advice. The future of end game is painfully bad, it’s truly awful. even for those people lucky enough not to have their progress reset like the crafters are in 1.2

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IMO the entire world as we know it is the newbie zone. End game isn’t even released yet.


I think it was suppose to be Wars and invasions as the game is centered around territory control. But, not everyone will get a chance to participate. If you are not one of those few then crafting and market play and or grinding watermark ( soon to be expertise ) is all that’s left.

Personally I enjoy the crafting and market play, unfortunately it looks like that is getting a big fat nerf. AGS failed to stop bots, dupers and the super rich companies so the market got flooded with extra coin and items. As they can’t seem to truly fix all the damage this has done we now get expertise. Another in a long line of lazy duck tape fixes.


Yup 100% agree with this and everyone else. Also to the person who replied to me, I have like 650+ hours also.

@ OP → Like I said, get to 60 if you’re enjoying the game and exploration aspects then just quit. The “end-game” is a meme.

Thank you all for your input.

I’m probably not going to play this game anymore right now. The answers have gotten me worried. I think I’ll jump over to WoW SoM for a while and scratch that itch until this game become more… “defined”… I guess.

Thank you.


End game to me is wars, invasions. And territories. There’s literally no other use for the 600gs items IMHO. You don’t need high end gear to zurg n elite area, or a dungeon. However… invasions are incredibly hard to win, and because of that I see the 600gs load out being 100% nessisary to be successful at those.

But if your in a dead server like I am… there’s no such thing as endgame… just pointless grindfests and no situation to use any of this gear that you get.

End game is the forums, because in-game has no end game content.

If New World has end game, then the FIFA franchise has “end game”, because both require you to open loot boxes to get your gear.

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The end game is to exploit the broken mob mechanics to loot chests. It is a daily chore you will need to do every day if you want the proposed changes to not fuck you.

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