What is this. Come on devs

I am in reek water trying to mine ori veins because the cost of ori ore is so freaking expensive and hard to find because of bots. two people decided to place there camps on top of the vein so the ori won’t spawn. Meanwhile there are 2 bots in reekwater mining the south part of the map. Why is there not faster respawn times or more veins available. I thought you guys were dealing with stuff like this?This is a simple reason not to play anymore.

Hello @Peterslum!

Thank you for posting your issue in our forums!

I am sorry that these kind of conducts are affecting your gameplay experience, we surely don’t want this to happen.

Please report the bots and players so that our team in charge to handle with these scenarios can take the necessary actions.

To report a player or company in-game:

  1. Hover over the offending message and then click Report.
  2. Select a reason for the report, provide a description of the violation, and then click Submit.

To report a player or company in-game, outside of chat:

  1. Press O to bring up the Social menu and then search for the player by name.
  2. Mouse over the player and then click Report.
  3. Select a reason for the report, provide a description of the violation, and then click Submit.

To report a player outside the game, file a web ticket to Web Tickets | Amazon Games . Make sure to include the following:

  1. The name of the player or company you’re reporting.
  2. A description of the violation.
  3. The server name where the violation occurred.

Also, you can post your feedback regarding the respawn times in the following section of the forum:

Hope you have a great day!

See you in Aeternum!

About 10 ori nodes have been removed from the map since launch, are there any plans to insert more and/or replace the nodes that have been removed?

Not only that they NEVER REMOVED these Ori nodes in Ebonscale reach at the Imperial Palace shore. They appear BEHIND A MOUNTAIN WALL (that was added during the mutations patch).

Want to know the punch line? Bots figured out how to get into the mountain and BEHIND the wall to continue farming TWO ori nodes that were NEVER REMOVED… JUST WALLED OFF!


Then they want me to fill a ticket and do alll the work on my side to fix there game Jesus help these devs @Luxendra

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Hi @Moseidon!

Hope you are doing well!

At the moment we haven’t been informed about plans to insert or replace any nods. Once we have any information, we’ll let you know here in the forums.

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Hello to @Peterslum and @YahwehPlays as well!

Hope you are having a nice day!

I understand that this situation is frustrating to you. Nevertheless, the issue you are exposing is handled by the Game Moderation Team, please follow the steps I provided earlier in the thread to report the bots so that the team can take actions on this matter.

Pd: I moved your post to the feedback section to give visibility to your suggestions and commentaries.

Hope this helps!

See you in Aeternum!

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