What is your honest opinion?

Don’t get me wrong, I like this game and have spent over 160 hours on it. To me my money was well spent. Anyways this game has it flaws, It is just poor design. The game is fun in a way, got the right feel to it and high hype.

But the whole development is just grade C. The graphics is mediocre but takes up so much resources from your GPU (it did fry my RTX3080 in beta). Either the leader who spearheaded the project to develop this game doesn’t have the passion for the game or the whole thing was rushed through because of investor’s pressure.

Looking at the whole game… all the mobs are recycled with new skin or scaled up in size. all the objects are recycled. They can already release dual sword, spear and shield and much much more, but they didn’t and i presume they will put it in a paid patch.

Maybe my expectation of the game was a little tad too high?

So what is your opinion on the game so far?


It has the foundations of a great game but needs a lot of work. It’s like having all the key ingredients to making an amazing meal, but we are waiting for a master chef to come cook it.

I think you are a bit harsh on grading graphics, I think it is one of the best looking MMOs I have seen


I like the game so far. Sure, it has it flaws but that’s with every fresh released MMO…

I’m moe curious what they are planning for the future and how they will develope the game more further.

As you wrote: it feels right and the hype is definetly here.

it sure have flaws but in my opinion the game is beutiful looking and i realy like the AI of the mobs in it.
Dont think they need to add new weapons untill next part of the map is out.

What they need to do right not is to get the game more optimized and fix the bugs in the game.
Not add more stuff to a game that has more then enuf content for now.

The ones that needs more already are mostly the ones that have rushed thru the game and not taken the time to play it fully.

All other mmo games also recycle there mobs and items so nothing new with that in my opinion


I really tried to like the game, invested like 60+ hours in it and got to level 33. Then the game rewarded me with the same faction quest and i mean exactly the same 3 times in a row. Running around gathering had already become boring so I decided to quit till the game has some actual substance. Hopefully it will in the future, I don’t have high hopes though and i will come back to check it out. I do wish Amazon does a good job in the future, we need many many top MMo’s.

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I love the game but that does not mean that it cant be improved. These are the things I think that the game needs most:

  • Total overhaul of the user interface.

  • Increased enemy variety.

  • Increased quest variety.

  • Removal or decrease of PVP -scaling.

  • War seem to need balancing.

  • Automatic bans for verbal abuse should be replaced with automatic mute + manual review when abnormally high amount of reports come in on an individual.

Regarding PVP scaling, lets be honest here. All the PVP scaling did was heavily encourage players to run around in zergs. I have over 160 hours of gameplay now and I am pretty much always flagged. It’s so rare seeing flagged solo-players in comparison to flagged groups. During the beta WAY more people were flagged and it had a lower amount of scaling.

Wars always play out the same way. Defenders put all of their manpower into defending one point and the attackers cant break through. I am not sure exactly what the issue is but perhaps the capture points need to be further away from the spawns.


Le jeu à l’air bien, mais dommage qu’il ne soit pas fait pour la population féminine, car très très peu de persos féminins dans ce jeu,
Même si le jeu d’Amazon a eut énormément de succés auprès de la population masculine, les concepteurs du jeu ont oublié de le faire envier à la population féminine, j’espère que ça n’a pas été volontaire et qu’une mise à jour va être faites prochainement pour que l’on voit des persos avec une apparence féminine


Some of the stuff I agree with here.

This is not as big of a deal for me, and not something they need to focus on right now.

this one the other hand, sould be a top of the list thing they need to work on. right after transfer, bug/exploids fixes, and more endgame stuff.

So you are talking alot about PVP scaling here

And I simple don’t see the samething.
I had 100+ hours in the close beta, where pvp scaling was alot higher than now, there where even more people being flag for pvp, than in open beta (this may be a server thing)
in open beta, where I had around 35 hours in, the PVP scaling was alot lower than it is now, and I rarly saw any solo pvp flagged here.
Now the scaling is a middleground when it comes to close and open beta. and the server I play on, I see a good mix of solo flag pvp, small group pvp, where the big group pvp, is more around pvp quest, or controling the fort.
So you may just be on a server, with not that many solo pvp player.

I am just sharing my opinions. That’s what OP asked for. If you disagree then that’s fine.

I feel like it has very good potential BUT ALOT of work ahead of them. They got the keys to greatness, just gotta make sure they unlock the right doors.


  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Brilliant audio
  • Satisfying combat
  • Engaging gathering and crafting system
  • Beautiful world


  • Mobs spawn far too quickly and aggro from too far away
  • Quests completely dry up late game, making the 55-60 experience very tedious and gruelling
  • Level 60 content is extremely overtuned for a solo player
  • End game content is very clearly rushed and lacking
  • Main story ends abruptly, long before level 60 (lends to the rushed nature of late game)
  • Virtually no quest variety
  • Mob variety is severely lacking
  • The Azoth system is awful, whenever I’m low on Azoth I lose interest in playing
  • Crazy amounts of bugs
  • UX design is terrible, they need to hire an expert in the field. Examples would be the terrible Faction rewards page which is just a jumble of items with zero organisation. The Trading Post with almost zero filtering options. The chat system which feels like it’s in alpha and so much more
  • Player collision feels awful, try doing an Expedition with multiple melee
  • It should not be possible to be kicked from Invasions after you’ve been selected by the game, company leaders are abusing this system to kick “randoms” to get more of their Company in (past their allotted 10)
  • Mass reports leading to automatic bans, anyone abusing the report system should be permanently banned

I have 200 hours into retail and 60 hours in the beta and in my honest opinion it needed another 6-12 months. That being said, I’m still enjoying my time with the game, but the sub 50 experience is so much better than the 50+ experience.


I disagree on the graphics part, the game looks incredibly pretty and is perhaps the best looking MMO on the market right now.

I don’t mind the grind of resources and crafting, but I don’t see that thing lasting too long for me. I already have a Runescape 3 Ironman account that I’m working on, so I got my grinding cowered pretty well. And from a story perspective I have FF14.

I think this is the biggest problem I have with New World so far; identity crisis. It sort of doesn’t know where it wants to go. The story is not that great and there may be some good lore in Aeternum but it’s not told to the players.

I think the major issue is that they started out with the foundation as a PvP game, then from feedback learned that there wasn’t really a market for an all out PvP only game, so they later on tacked on PvE elements to it.


Although i had to translate your post wish I new some French though, i have to agree with you. They completely opted out female characters.


For an MMO I think the graphics are incredibly on point and it has decent performance for how it looks. There’s room for improvement but it’s good. You got a bad (Faulty) GPU which is why it died when some stress was put on it. I don’t know any other MMO with better graphics than this. Maybe WoW and Lost Ark due to the artstyle but the complexity of the graphic in those are still objectively simpler.

You do have a point when it comes to recycling assets. There’s a bit too much copypaste going on.

Overall the game is fun and on the right path buuuuuuut there are so many problems, game was not ready for launch.
I knew there were serious issues and i said fuck it, its 40$ but i didnt take in account how incompetent the devs are, if i had i would have waited at least a year to buy it if ever.

My honest opinion is that this game is great if you play it for exploration, duels with friends and the best part of the game is early when you got a lot to do in the way of progression like working on weapon levels and profession levels.

There is bugs later on like the azoth staff tier 4 + that do not work that is really hurtful for the experience.

Currently sitting on 220 hours played, had a blast so far and i am lvl 55 atm. But i suspect when i reach 60 and i get all my stuff leveld up to 200 it is going to be hard to keep yourself occupied for the same ammount of time.

This game will probably be at its best after a lot of bug fixes and more content and weapons get added, we need more dynamic content like the invasion portals but for PvP aswell like arena mode like 2v2,3v3 etc.

also it is a damn shame outpost rush is 60 only, i see it could be balance hell if it was before but this is things that would make the game feel fuller for everyone and i am sure a lot of players have no idea about outpost rush and quit before they even know about it.

Hopefull for the future, got my moneys worth and i hope this game can hold me for atleast the 800 hour mark before i take my first big break until more content is released.

If they manage to give us new stuff every 3-4 months and some rapid bug fixes the game will keep up with good player numbers but any longer than that it will have a huge drop off.

I love:

  • The combat. The fact that is not icon-click-based but has evades, blocks, and collision matters. It needs some tweaks for balance, though.
  • The AI behaviors. But I would appreciate if it would be less prone to retreat and reset.
  • The UI. Although the chat and market screen could use some work.
  • The audio design. Wonderful. Although some have said that certain weapons like the life staff sound like you are popping balloons.
  • The graphics. The most beautiful MMO I have ever played.
  • The way you can climb on the environment. But I would appreciate if the enemies could also climb to chase you.

I dislike:

  • Mission variety. I like that they are randomly generated. But it needs different kinds of missions that aren’t always “Go kill N of X” or “Go loot N chests”.
  • Enemy variety. Zombies, skellies, ghosts, animals, and… those weird guys in tribal armors. That’s everything I have seen in the over 150h I have been playing. However, I like that each of them behave very differently!
  • Costs. Everything cost so much. Moving around cost at times too much Azoth. Repairs cost parts and lots of gold. Housing costs like crazy. Crafting pays fees. Posting to the market costs fees that are often higher than the market price of the good you are trying to sell. If there were toilets in New World, you’d need to pay 50g for each time you use them. This feels like you are visiting Disney World, where everything is pretty but woefully overpriced. :smiley:
  • PVP design: The flagging system sounds like a great idea. But it is pointless at the moment, since open world flagging is essentially Mad Max, with roving parties of flagged people steam-rolling over any smaller group or solo players. And war events lead by particular companies means that they will favor always their members over randoms, and so, most people not already in the ruling companies will never have a shot at participating.
  • The Plot. At the point of the story I am at, it does feel like they were attempting to replicate a bit of the Game of Thrones setting, with warring kingdoms busy in a petty war, while a far more dangerous menace from the north is coming for them, so they must unite and fight together. That is nice. But we have already seen it elsewhere (GoT was the most viewed show in the past years, so it feels like a rehash). I think the game needs more personality. More memorable NPCs that get to do stuff with us, rather than just being static questgivers. Some more epic, rather than just send us to do menial tasks.

I am very surprised about this game, especially due to following facts:

  • Trading-Post-Handling is very unconventional and definitly failing my expectation from a gaming publisher with such expertise background
  • Charakter Editor as well as fashions and the beauty of nature graphics are very limited and feels like a step backward in history of MMO games
  • Chat functionality is very unhandy as well as some other usability parts of Interface
    (e. g. healing targets)

On the other hand,

  • Personally, I have not experienced any technical issues and so on my point of view, it seems its a very stable system with no lags and interruptions (and yeah, I had also no issues with the queries at game-launch)
  • interessting new ways for character developing functions
  • crafting system is far better as in other MMOs I have played so far

I am just a casual player and just playing for two weeks now, so I cant state out a serious opinion about PvP or PvE end-game content so far.

In conclusion, story-telling is not a lot of fun to bind me on long-term to this game and a lot of yelling / crying people next to unbelievable hate speech annoying me a lot by reading the chats and social sites. I wish, that front-end and story-telling parts would get the same passion as the background IT functionalities from the gaming provider.

Far best joke for me in this game: German translation of the “soaked boots” into “soaked boats”.

Right now I would give it a 6/10. Solid but flawed experience. Not a bad purchase by any means.

Level 57 with 150 hours in.

I don’t agree the graphics are mediocre. The graphics are the best I’ve seen. In fact, for me the visuals and sound are top-notch. If the rest of the game was made to the same standard it would be phenomenal.

My boyfriend has stopped playing for a number of very valid reasons. I’m still playing because I want my money’s worth and because I feel the game has potential and will improve and polish up over time, but we will see.