What is your honest opinion?

Yesterday we have a long discussion with my friends on discord regarding NW and most of us agreed that at the moment NW is 5/10. We are on levels 30-50 and there was one thing that literally everyone agreed - game is way too repetitive. All the time same type of quests, all the time same enemies (just different names), economy in this game is broken, crafting is cool if you like that sort of things but not really needed to get good equipment, way too much grind.

But the game has potential and we really hope that devs got some really good roadmap for NW.

Hatchet build is obviously inspired by vikings(look at hatchet weapon’s some skills) while u cant hold hatchet & shield or dual wielding hatchet …

i dont know what is dev team trying to do.

my personal opinion about game : that game released at least 2 years early. At Least 2 YEARS. cuz there is NO CONTENT at all. even i dont know they have a plan about new contents.

I agree with the general opinion, that it has a very good foundation for a good game, AGS clearly found something right with their formula, but it has so many issues both in-game and the moderation/customer service sides, I am not very optimistic that it will reach it’s potential.

In-game staff, I personally am ready to be patient and supportive as long as I see good intentions from the studio.

But the other staff, the neglect and discrimination of non-US regions and the incredibly awful way they are conducting the moderation and customer relations is something I and many people will not tolerate much.

A complete lack of respect and transparency towards us players is their biggest flaw at the moment, and it will lead this game to a slow and painful death if they will not change their ways.

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I think the game released unfinished


Maybe not unfinished, but there is no content at all.
After 10 hours playing you can say “I saw it all”.

I really like the game. The core for a long running MMO is there and the Devs have a great frame to build upon. The graphics, lighting & sound are amazing, I don’t know why you don’t like them?

I want to talk about the “diversity of mobs”. Did you read all your notes? All the lore? Aeternum is an island. It’s a mythical island that explorers keep trying to find because it’s said to hold beauty & riches like the world has never seen. It’s rumored to hold Azoth, so powerful it can grant everlasting beauty & life to whoever finds it. We are 17th century explorers taking our turn trying to find Aeternum. But when explorer ships get geographically close they get sucked into the supernatural world and not everyone survives.

The island is covered in evil corruption. Many explorers get turned by this evil becoming permanent defenders of the island and it’s secrets (the mobs). Those who survive (the player) have to figure out what secrets the island holds & how to end the corruption. We band together into different groups (factions) to try and conquer the island and each other, a place where nothing & no one ever dies (because the rumors are true, the island holds Azoth, the secret of everlasting life). Ever notice the blue glow when mobs respawn? They don’t die, they are reanimated after being down.

This is why most mobs look the same. Many are all former explorers who were turned by the corruption, others are the corruption itself. Mob diversity wouldn’t make a lot of sense if following the lore.

It’s why there’s no mounts. “All efforts to domesticate or re-domesticate the wildlife have failed”.

Suspend your thoughts of other games, other systems & other ways of doing things. Let the Devs, story writers & creatives at AGS run with the world they’ve built. Let them build something new that isn’t a cookie cutter of previous games. Let it all simmer & mature. Is it perfect? Of course not. Is it a new twist on a tired genre? Yes indeed.

It is indeed a base foundation of a potentially legendary game. Lots of expansive possibilities and fun stuff to come. And i am all for getting it fed to me meal by meal.

For now they need to fix all the bugs and quality of life stuff. For me the one thing that really bugs me is how extremely hard it is to play together with friends.
Unless i am missing something, no shared quests. No selection of starting zone as a party or anything like that.

I feel like I’m playing an alpha, but I’m still having fun. The problem is that I feel it lacks in an overall vision. Let me explain.

The setting and the arts style is very cool, but it is ruined by eyesores that stick out like wounded thumb. Just look at the golden rage armor, the twitch drop nyan cat puke weapons, the rainbow lion etc.

The gathering and crafting system is very in depth and interesting, but it feels unrewarding to gather the higher tier resources due to them being worthless.

The combat feels better than regular mmos, but still so underwhelming compared to dark souls, which from what I can understand was a large inapiration for NW combat. I never got to try it when the stagger was in effect, but fighting now feels more like button mashing than clever use of block, dodge, attack.

A lot of the stuff feels like they just don’t have an overall vision for how stuff should be, and instead end up with a mishmash of smaller decisions that end up with non cohesive elements.

The game is beautiful and sounds amazing. There are too many roadblocks in place to purposely make the game aggravating and tedious.

Why do we need to pay taxes weekly for owning a house? That should be a reward, but instead you are punished.

I just feel like when I play this game I find myself more often than not being annoyed and just feeling like I’m always behind.

If you can’t commit hours per day on this, you will never catch up to play high level content. By the time you get there, everyone will have moved on.

I’ve played a lot of MMOs. Some keep my attention, some don’t. Whatever shortcomings New World may have, the fact is I keep logging in and playing for hours at a time. I’m actually kind of obsessed with it, which is something I can’t say about most of the MMOs I’ve played.

There’s 3 big issues in my mind as far as game longevity goes.

  1. Azoth gain rate and cap
  2. Trading Post economy without NPC sellers
  3. Storage capacity in towns

I feel like the game engine rocks and is solid. I feel like New World is an Early Access game on a completed game engine.

It’s a great game with alot of potential but there are major issues which needs fixing quickly for it to continue growing imo.

Economy, azoth, war & invasions desperately need looking at and overhauling.

That is the core issue, I agree. They have to take it one way or the other, I think.

I like the game. It reuses a lot of assets much in the same way as every other MMO I’ve ever played. The world is immersive and the story is alright.

I’d call it well worth 40 bucks and some cosmetic spending for a while.

Every mmo recycles mobs.
Using each mob once is a waste of resources.

WoW had a huge budget and they still reused/reskinned/recolored their mobs.

Azoth cap is too low or too high for respecs.

*this game needs a dedicated full screen mode.

Is there actually a reason for an azoth cost to respec? It’s just strange that a currency used to fast travel and craft is also tied to respec.

It there any mechanical reason it shouldn’t just be free?

Honest Opinion…
*Character creation is… not my cup of tea… but i did manage to make a pretty good likeness of Nolan Grayson lol <Stache & all>
*Main story isn’t very well told… i don’t really “care” for any of the quest givers i meet, but that doesn’t necessarily matter too much
*Harvesting / Crafting - I love this part and most likely it’s because i’m very ocd and it gives me a goal to work for.
*Combat - i actually really love it, but i guess i’m alone in this opinion as i see troves of players hate it :frowning:
*PvP - Unfortunately i’m only lvl 28 and i haven’t flagged yet. (Well, one time by accident and quickly got notice when i went down like a sack of bricks when someone from other faction put an arrow to my head lol) I fully intend to flag once i reach 60 though
*Housing - Since i’m doing alot of the crafting game for some reason i haven’t accumulated alot of gold yet, but i like the overall look of the houses & furniture.

I’m enjoying myself right now, but even i can see that i may become bored within a few months. I’m just hoping for some addons or new content by then but i won’t hold my breath.

7.5 / 10 I’d probably give it an 8, but my wife reminded me that she is really grumpy at how her toons look upon creation. <yeh… i agree with her>

During all leveling journey I was jumping from 1-10 locations to 50-60 and seeing literally copy assets all the time makes me dissapointed. You can hear some monkey sounds in jungle but no single monkey around, zombies, skeletons, dryads (I really liked dryads first time seeing them at lvl 30~~?) but come on, seeing same moobs assets from level one to 60 is just boring