What killed your server and WHY?

Let’s get this conversation going. In my view, it’s a common thread, but it appears to be ignored by the developers here as it has never been brought up or responded to.

Maybe if we all share our story here of how our server died and why, we can get some attention. With few servers left, the cycle of death is repeating itself. We need immediate attention to server health and the factors that are playing into it.


The game’s inherent design killed all the servers.

The way combat and itemization has been designed is a major deterrent for most people because it values one thing above all else- Time spent grinding.


It’s not a monthly subscription game, so why they went for a grind route is baffling.

My server is dead at the moment, and for the most part I don’t care, but make opr cross server, make town boards and invasions (or at least invasion downgrades) scalable to the server population.


All the major issues are ignored and not talked about by the dev team. I don’t think they will come out and acknowledge that one of their biggest features of the game is actually ruining the game for a large amount of players.


The reality of the shallow combat hit home for the vast majority and they left. Then my server got merged, and that server died too and got merged. Then the third server also got merged. I don’t even know what my server is anymore.


I’ll preface this by saying that the current server I’m on, due to multiple server merges, is doing totally fine and seems fairly healthy.

The original server I was on essentially died in two steps:

  1. The introduction of free server transfers. One faction had a mild population advantage from early on, but it self-corrected when some of the PvP enthusiasts switched factions. Then, when server transfers were distributed, 90% or more of the PvP focused players immediately transferred to different servers. This locked the entire map into one color and reduced the overall population to the point that OPR matches became excessively difficult to fill, thus deleting all PvP from the game overnight.

  2. The introduction of PvP flagged luck bonus. This system was designed to force players who have no desire for PvP to flag for PvP despite their preferences. With almost all of the remaining server population being in one faction, everyone in the leading faction was always flagged from then on and refused to unflag for any reason, which instantly and permanently made it impossible for the other factions to find groups for anything. The massive combined advantage of only one faction having PvP luck and 100% territory control effectively guaranteed that the server would never recover.


First one: merged (Manghalour)

Second one: they refused to merge it until it hemmoraged players due to transfer tokens being handed out for free. (Midian)

Third one: Still playing there with an alt, not dead and not dying. Eventually 2nd one got merged into this one bringing some people I knew back around, so I decided to level an alt to hang with them too. (Yggdrasil)

Fourth one: Still playing there on my main, after entire company transferred for a more competitive scene than could be had on the third one. We hold territory and are in 2-3 wars a week easily because we put in the time. That server is actually growing since Camelot died to it’s own political stupidity. (El Dorado)

What happened on Camelot?

It was doing pretty good before paid transfers but as soon as people had the option to flee they did. I think the main powerful company went east to find more competition and some of them came to El Dorado since it was already a bit of a tryhard server.

Not sure how it got to that point, but probably collusion, faction swapping and inevitable super company creation had an influence.

I’ve only heard it second hand since I didn’t play there

Is it the server that a super co took over then raised all the taxes and left? Thats troll shit terrible.


Kay Pacha joined in launch because loved the name but transferred to join a company I found online (to Aztlan).

Aztlan. Got merged into Yaxche. Period of time that it was very very small. Nice close knit group and got all my gathering skills up, but rare/no OPR.

Yaxche, a company attempted to kill it, Bad Company, then proceeded to fail. Most of their consuls got banned. They fled the server and went elsewhere. Last we heard they failed to take any territory and disbanded. When second round of transfer tokens happened, the server size definitely dropped from a previously decent playerbase size to a low population. Company scouted Orun, CoS, and Maramma and transferred to Maramma because it gave off the most positive vibes and the transfer was about a week later. The mass movement died down and we could see what would be most stable. I actually waited a bit because wanted to stay but my company started to get worried that Maramma would lock so we panic transferred. Yaxche I think did pretty good, for being a low pop server though, had some good people stay behind. Was merged with Valhalla.

Maramma kinda a paradise of balance, good vibes (with your usual bad eggs but hey that’s everywhere). Was balanced up until recently with normal fluctuations. Yellow knocked off map then they just took back WW and another territory. So it’s actually not bad considering a ton of companies got all excited to destroy the server. It’s definitely changing and it’s future is up in the air because of the mass influx of players from a ton of different servers but still got a decent core. We will see what happens. Could survive it could implode, who knows.

One company starts to dominate and uses proxy companies then nobody can be bothered pushing influence anymore. It’s happened to every single server i’ve been on.


The last dead server i was on was sitara

This was a couple months and it got merged into cos

But the reason it died is just that there was nothing new and people quit the game or left for a bigger server


Because almost everything in the game is gambling.

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the ability for large companies to make shell companies and dominate the map. Then they can fight cross faction in wars and the same 45 players are slotted in all of the wars. Makes it unfun for the people being left out and of course they are going to jump to another server


declining player numbers and people transfering to the big ones left. This is the case on most servers, but instead people are gonna blame this and that, but reality is that when 4 100 man companies decide to leave a server it’s gonna die


The funny thing is, New World has worst RNG gear progression than the current Korean Grinder MMO I’m playing. Go figure right. Did AGS really think that gating progression on a 0.05%, was going to entice players to stay?


Phlegethon - Origin

This server died from a number of reasons. After all the civil wars, crusades, arguments, backstabbing, glitches, bugs, game issues, server stability and exploitations Phleg died. Pkers transferred out, PvPers transferred out, many PvEers quit and the remaining did our best to make it work until we merged into Neno.

I do hope fellow Phleggys are still doin alright.

Neno Kuni - First transfer
Idk it seemed like the server was in a decent state n 1 weekend in April it just up n died quietly. People mainly from what it seemed like transferred out to other servers whether it be U.S East or Cam & Dorado.

Yggdrasil - Second transfer
Ygg is holding steady.

Maramma - Second Character
Lively with OPR happening regularly.

This is a great conversation and we’re eager to learn all of your thoughts on it.