What killed your server and WHY?

pvpers killed it. everytime someone took over the map the army got bored and ventured to another server like a swarm of locusts


Camelot is currently struggling and will probably die. As someone who enjoys playing the market as means to acquiring BiS gear, I now play less because people aren’t buying/selling much of anything. The only reason I haven’t transferred to another server yet is I’m waiting to see if the July patch brings any players back. Otherwise, when the server starts struggling, marketers like myself begin to leave, which exacerbates the issue. A solution would be to link all the auction houses in each region (I’m pretty sure people want linked PvP as well, so linking servers in region for certain things like this would probably help a lot of problems).

Wow, who knew that the system (war and factions) that a bunch of us was complaining about at the open beta and beyond (because it gave too much power) would be one of the major contributors, that lead to the deaths of servers :rofl:


Disaster company transfered to midgard, midgard was low -mid tier pvp ppl home , thei came take 7 teritirys, and left after 1 month then server population become low

People left due to gring, nothing to do and PvP is just cc heals.

Lack of content thus boredom, and the Toxic community (aka mega companies). Simply stopped being fun fast.


I know right?

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All the servers were killed by companies moving to another server to find something they didn’t find yet. And lack of merges after those migrations.

The present way settlements and wars function is what killed both servers before this merge to Valhalla. Then when those became for only a small %, the rest followed due to no other content.

One made way for the other. And if you do not fix wars and settlements, the rest is moot cause it will happen again.

Mine isn’t dead yet, but I’ll predict what will kill it. We recently saw an influx of players since another server was fully controlled by 3 main companies and shell companies of those 3 main companies. Everyone moved to our server, and we’re expecting the same 3 companies to rise to power and manhandle our server in the same way they handled their last one.


My serverS, 3 of them.
The first died by the end of the hype+bugs/exploits.
The second one was the worst, because was a strong server, the reasons were the merge itself, merges creates disorder in companies and the enthropy of the server is affected. But the biggest reason was the mutation patch, before the patch globally the game had 120k players, two weeks later 60 k (crafters, pvp only players were terribly affected and most of them left the game, including me.). A lot uncalculated changes by the devs, you put weight on one side and only put on the other side just 3 months later and that is what happens, everytime AGS does that will lose players.
The third server I dont know yet.

Idiocy kills the servers.

You have one group, who owns all, basically pushes people out because it’s annoying to face them. People move. More follow. Server starts to become unplayable. The one company ends up leaving and often ends up on the server you moved too, because that’s where all the players are.

Rinse and repeat.


People kill servers nothing else

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Servers are ALWAYS killed by a single company. I was in one of these and I got out when they decided to conquer the map and then migrate to a different server just to repeat the procedure.

The system needs an rework and it needs to be done NOW, before the new area is out. If you (and by you I mean the devs) dont know how to do it, just ask experienced players that were in strong companies to help you.

You cant possibly know how these companies work if you werent a part of them.


I was a big supporter of this game during closed alpha/beta… but adding factions for PvP and the warsystem in general killed the entire game, especially made politics, alliances and reputation on your server totally useless.
Without factions there would have been a lot more dynamics in conflicts because more guilds could band together to conquer a territory that had max taxes or the owners had bad reputation… with factions it’s mostly the case you got high taxes but happen to be in the same faction as the owners and therefor cant declare war at all.

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yeah pretty much → the whole system made companies seem worthless

AGS is about to kill my server with their merges…

You still have the wrong attitude.
No one can “drive someone out”.
You have to quit yourself. And that is what quitters do.

Ooooh, very nice angle. Good hot take.

People can absolutely be driven out. What are you ranting about? It is a game, and if you block the best / most fun part of it from a large portion of the playerbase it isn’t fun (to those who want in on that part of the game). There is little to grind gear for. What is the point of grinding PVP gear if you are just using it in non competitive OPR / arenas? War is the only competitive area of the game but it is so limited in who can participate. That is a huge issue and it’s killed server after server.