What killed your server and WHY?

No they can not. They quit themselves.
In one point you are right: quitters area huge issue.

no, they CAN be driven out and were driven out. the server i was on the pvp’ers got so toxic they non stop hounded people. if you went out unflagged to mine resources they would surround you and kite mobs in on you constantly, follow you around interfering in your quests, killing everything in the area so you cant get the kills you need to complete it, making sure you dont get into wars, and even going so far as to take up slots inside invasions and then just run off to the side and do nothing so your town got degraded and you never got to complete the invasions.

yes hagenz they can be driven out. and when the harassment was reported by many of them, the devs did nothing.

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It wasn’t just one thing, it was many.

There was a green Company who had 3 territories, I believe it was BW, EF, RW and he had 3 shell companies governing them all with 100+ members between all 3.

He said, “We’re gonna take this entire map and funnel everyone into one territory where it will be the only town with reduced taxes. We’re going to completely run this server.”

He lost support from some and lost a territory and imploded. He lost support, dogged and insulted everyone and then once he lost his last territory he took all of his supporters to another color and left green with little to no PvP companies as another company fell apart with all the drama going around.

He dissolved and a yellow company either had or took WW at this time.

As greens left before his implosion for purple and yellow, and one of the last companies that were green disbanded and quit, green was left barren with nothing. Almost no worthy green companies were left. Ravaged.

The yellow company that owned WW merc’d for purple a lot and as there was a bad taste in everyone’s mouth for green and it was nigh impossible to take a territory due to these PvPers being good and well geared. With the game being fresh, people still warred in Voidbent and slotting 520 GS people on a siege group was almost normal but slowly fading.

Green was ravaged and purple and yellow slowly began to jack taxes up on multiple territories which then made more people quit playing.

There was one green territory and it had max taxes. The yellow company fought the attack to take it and also defended it. Not sure if they were just doing it for wars or it was really a green shell company of there’s as no greens supported them due to their toxic nature.

I believe it was mostly purple that was taking territories like a rampage but yellow merc’d their wars often and helped them take the remaining green territories left. As the green Dom was very toxic, who could blame anyone for hating greens? I didn’t.

Eventually the last good green people either quit, transferred to another server with the round of tokens or joined the yellow company or went purple and the server went down to 250 peak extremely fast.

When COPIUM, the yellow company left, Oceana was barren.

RIP Shipwreck’d and Memory.
There was a couple other green companies, but this was months ago and my memory is a bit foggy.

Ok, proof your point. Drive me out. You have my permission.
Do it.
If you can not, then you are in the wrong.
And you are in the wrong. No player or group of players can drive me out.
I can only quit myself or be banned.

Maybe a system where 1 company can own only 1 region. War fatigue for players 1 war per day. Take out the dependency on other companies and factions.

So that u can only have your company members for the war. No merc or no proxy wars.

Add a cd for server transfer of 15 days and cd for leaving the company for 3 days.

At the same time add trial war system which is like opr but war system. Where people can play wars 24/7 without any restrictions. Add a ranking system to make it more competitive. So pvp and pve players are both happy. Winning increases rank and rewards but u don’t get a region or anything like that for the trial wars

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you are belligerent and being completely obtuse in an attempt to drive your faulty point home. AND you are promoting that kind of trolling. you sir, have now proven you arent worth the time of effort because you refuse to acknowledge the reality of truth and just want to live in your own troll world. OBVIOUSLY, according to your responses, you are either okay with that kind of troll behavior or quite possibly, one who commits that kind of trolling. either way. your not worth trying to have a debate with. i dont have to PROOF anything to you, or PROVE anything for that matter. I told you my experience and watched people driven off a server with a mega company shouting that “everyone who leaves the server is a victory for us”. but you go ahead and live in your troll world. im done with your ridiculous mentality.

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No you have not, because it is not possible.
You might as well say you watched people add 2+2 to make 5.
Same nonsense.
And sorry, english is not my mother tongue.
The ridiculous mentality is with you, the quitter folks.
Something is not going your way, you quit. And then claim: people drove me out…ridiculous.

no one can be this blind as you seem to be. so now youre just a troll. bye. go be a tool to someone else, ive seen through your charade.

I am not blind, I see what is going on.
Not just in the game. In the real world too, maybe even worse.
Constant whining and entitlement and complaining about other people, just because some things are hard.

Shell companies (with waves of players leaving or disengaging on mergers or mega companies transferring in). For PvEers they feel taken advantage of when 1-3 companies own most of the map and jack up taxes or don’t upgrade towns.

For PvPers it eliminates “stepping stones” of competition. If the shell companies are on another faction, you know you’ll fight the same people no matter where you attack. You either slot a roster that can compete with the top 50 on the enemy faction (or even the top 50 on the enemy and neutral faction combined) or you get farmed (which I’ve been on both sides of and it’s boring for everyone). It doesn’t leave very much room for us to slot very many new or developping war players and keeps wars very exclusive.

Please do something to address shell companies amd please give us the ability to host practice wars (ideally vs. our own faction!) so that we can get more people involved instead of watching them slowly quit when they realize they won’t be slotted.


PvP companies as territory owners are killing servers. Not taking care of the cities, not defending invasions, increasing taxes and locking end game for majority of population.


If ya ain’t blind youse certainly is delusional :kissing_heart:

i have played new world from day one I left when the gypsum system came into force and returned playing at the start of this week to take a peek at what’s new what do I find.
super company’s still own 90% of maps if not all of the map,
why the hell have you not given less populated factions an underdog buff by now to even the map field in battles or put a extreme tax on owning the whole map on the super companies by now is beyond me.
that was an issue from day one and I said from day one on these forums it would not work you get one major owner faction a second under dog faction and one faction will simply die in population numbers tell me if i am wrong on any server right now.

your gypsum system killed your player base by forcing many people to play in a manner you wanted other than giving them a true sand box experience and playing the way they wanted this still remains.
crafting is still an rgn shit fest give the players some sort of chance to control the out come don’t make it super easy but don’t make it a chore no brainer right there.

real time events that require the server to reach a certain threshold like the old thanks giving event would be great with one time rewards you could never again get in the game would work but nope still same old same old content in place atm.

you could even have pvp tournaments for the pvp crowd but no super company wars is all i see.

just my two cents worth maybe some dev will read it maybe they wont ags had a real chance here but they did drop the ball months back.

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If you play on a server long enough, companies themselves run tournaments for gold occasionally. An in-game function like this would be cool though.

3v3 Elimination tournaments once a month with a 1k entry fee. 75%/20%/5% winners pool.

Maybe even 20v20 OPR with a pre-stack of 20