What killed your server and WHY?

Letting people take gold from company treasuries was a mistake.


Bad design killed every single server that i was on
Allowing mega companies
all new players should have been put in factions automatically to balance servers…talking here of both noobs and transferring players
Inaction on cheats/exploits

Absolutely stupid design of town control/tax collection/allowing for gold to be taken out of town treasury and used for RMT




i think the multiple mergers and ending of having lots of servers killed alot of it. Alot of people and i do mean alot of people leave everytime they do these merges. People chose where they wanted to be my orginal server was lemosyne pop was around 400 was merged into brass about half quit within first week of being on brass. When we first merged at around 1100 week later down to 800, then merger cob with cos 2k pop and ques crazy lag insane amount of bots, lots more quit that didnt want merger, and my company votes to go to ohonono at time. Which had 1100 pop now down to around 700 pop mergers and then allowing people to transfer all over really hurt this game toxic people basicly were enabled to do as they wish with no consquences and even be able to transfer from server to server now makin shell company’s and destroying them.

oh and factions period dont tell me who im allied with id like to choose that my self i hate the whole faction thing cause’s hate and toxicness across the whole game. even feels like racism sometimes since they just blindy hate a color

taxes have drove so many out i have owned 5 towns but do not beleive i deserve any others players money even more so the people who never wanna pvp.

time gating to point where people have left over and over

This needs to be said because I want to highlight the issue here.

The town/war system you created is one of the biggest contributer there is. You simply allowed companies too much power, and even in wars back then, They had a HUGE advantage when it come to defending, resulting in them winning almost every time. At that point? If you’re any other player not in the faction the company are holding, you are forced to deal with a tyrannical company who will jack up the price because there’s no real penalty doing so.

While at the same time, lesser companies get towns like brightwood or restless shores. Barely getting any income because at the time? Windsward and everfall was considered the main hub, so the company that owns those town get majority of the profit, while any company who own towns outside of that get jack.

And then those companies have to deal with onslaught of wars and invasions. Working tirelessly to defend their own town because there’s no grace or peace period to let them relax. This makes them stressed out, burn out, even more so if they lose an invasion and have to shell out more money to fix. And if they lose a war, and in turn, lose their town? That’s where people leave, because they get so burned out, they don’t wanna touch the game anymore.

And then you got the timegate, a lack of a catch up mechanic, Little to no real content, Nothing.

the ultimate reason the server is slowly dying off? You listened to the people who kept spamming you with server token/ merger requests. Hell, I pointed this out the idiots at the new world reddit, and they basically mocked me for the truth. (Who’s laughing now?)

The server merger and transfer token wasn’t going to fix anything. It only made things worst because it basically created a snowball effect where the stuff I mentioned before? The town and war system? Time gating? All of that? Will simply repeat itself in a endless cycle until we hit oblivion.

It was a mistake to offer mergers and server tokens. It was EVEN more of a mistake to monetize them.


Having a town downgrade because of invasion on a lower population server was devastating for morale. Especially for those trying to make lesser towns work.

Where nobody runs over to do town boards. Companies would end up spamming town boards and camping it for their main gameplay loop.

Dumping time, money and effort to have multiple stations downgraded by an in-game mechanic (invasion) was disrespecting players time. You can bet constantly upgrading town boards burnt out hundreds, if not thousands of players. Simply to have their work wiped back when invasions were so insane to clear.

If a crafting station (Forge, Workshop, Arcana, Outfitting) downgraded from Tier 5, then it’s double the project points for no discernable reason. Refining stations are at 5,000 project points while Crafting stations are at 10,000 points.

The minimum amount of project points a town board can give is 5 project points out of 5,000/ 10,000 points. Respectively.


Transfer tokens.
Two of the servers I was on were killed by tokens.
They had been quite healthy, even OPR popping without much waiting.
But players left, because they could. No other reason.

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umbral shard sellers u don’t give us enough BLOCKS ro MUTES for the hordes OF them stacking to 1 server it so dumb it should be against the games code of conduct which is isn’t is so dumb so basically they can spam chat limiting it unusable most hot hours of the day be holey fuck no one what to sort through all the dam shard sellers or their group mates want to buy orbs like holey fuck man make a MAX amount of time 1 person can enter an mutation expo a day to 10 or just make is so u can’t sell carries because u are basically saying the rich get to level fast for free while the pour have to Waite week of not months to catch up u are going to kill off pour player even throe the rich are rich for no reason but to be greedy EX 1 person own all trophies in the gam but persist to keep buying them and repricing them to make a profit is called PURE greedy PERSON SOLUTION- if u own 3 trophies within the last 75 hours u can’t place buy or sell orders for that type of trophy i bet u their be a lot more crafter because right now no one is going to buy a armor for 45k when their people with multiple they don’t need just to keep the price up

You should stop whining and crying on every thread about that topic.

Let all players participate in a city battle, each faction fighting for each faction, not a corporation. Those companies would only select a certain number of people to participate in urban warfare, which resulted in a game that focused on urban warfare becoming a game that most people couldn’t participate in. This is a tragedy, this is a failure of the creator!


If Everfall and Windsward are owned by the same company, then this server is doomed to death.


paid transfer killed my server. it was at a healthy population, but then paid transfers came out and now it peaks at like 300 players when it used to have 1000 peak.
confirmed several guilds that wanted to be more competitive left the server for another.
now im stuck on a low population server by no fault of my own other than believing AGS might improve how this works at some point.
and the only way to get to another server now is pay, but im not paying just to be in the same situation in a month and have to pay again to get to another healthy server.


You can’t take the gold from the company treasury unless you have the permission to do so. So I really don’t understand this complaint.

First server I was on was had long queue times even when majority of servers stabilized. It was very popular being a language specific server. Than a single company took over all territories with their shell comapanies. The only way to get a teritory for other factions was to buy it from them. They had all the best gear and a group of 30 players that always attended all wars. They also used every exploit possible. The server went from massive queue to 900 players in a month as they started to max taxes “to teach other players”. Than a couple of mearges went with similar servers and the story was always the same. Pop would shoot to 1.6k and die over a week back to 900. I decided to quit the server. It went through additional mearges and when I checked after 2 months the company has transfered off and it was more or less healthy at 1.5k pop.

I made additional character on a dead server that has an amazing community, moderate taxes and still even though it’s pop below 100 it has all T5 workbenches.

Holy shit that’s a long ass sentence


Shell companies taking over the map. When we attacked, we had to face the same 50 players over and over it didn’t matter the time of the day cause they were always online. People got frustrated and quit the game or left the server.


I started on Valhalla -US East.

  1. Bugs

  2. Item and gold duplication cheating

  3. Lack of global Auction House to start game. It forced players to make EV/WW the main hubs and destabalized the faction and company pvp landscape for wars. Completely preventable.

  4. Lack of end game content

  5. Content not being available on launch (Some Expeditions, OPR, high level portals).

  6. Weapon and armor imbalances and bugs with how weapon works compared to their tooltips.

  7. Jogging simulator (pre-teleport azoth cost changes)

  8. Outrageous taxes. The game should have shrunk the high range of city gov. Could tax in the beta. Again EV/WW had so much power the game was over for many servers as soon as it was established.

  9. Wars favoring defense so heavily with spawn locations.

  10. Chest runs being the core game play loop

  11. Crafting system being a gacha rng mechanic

  12. The steady nerfs to open world gear drops and loot on our chest runs once they saw us zerg training through Myrkgard and Reekwater.

  13. Botting

  14. Infinite amounts of useless gear loot drops making crafting from 1-199 irrelevant.

  15. Allowing players from different factions to fight on the same side of wars.

  16. Little incentive to open world pvp.

  17. Pushing territory to conflict initially being a major chore and unfun

  18. Nerfing weapons too hard (Hatchet around release and Fire staff come to mind. Great Axe lunge as well). This compared with how much of a chore it is to switch builds in this game financially and from a time investment standpoint when a players main weapon is/was gutted it ruined the experience for a lot of the non-hardcore crowd.

  19. Too many gold sinks (Switch your build even when starting out and testing different weapons $200). Horrendous idea with how little gold was in the economy early on to and available to casual players who were broke.

  20. All of the survival game elements and sinks that were just frustration points.

  21. Patches that introduced more game breaking bugs than they fixed.

  22. Server queus initially

  23. Poor server performance

  24. Desync

  25. Poor hitbox detection

  26. Lag

  27. Making it difficult to craft pre-200 for a profit. It was almost entirely a gold sink hobby.

  28. Super companies that ruined server balance.

  29. Initial release of the pve Mutated dungeons, umbral, expertise grind system’s.


Well, AGS constantly screws up and hasn’t really addressed that fact yet. New World is seen as some smashing success when playing the game is anything but, and now even the most loyal players are coming apart at the seams trying to justify playing the game further.

This discussion is one we’re dying to have but we can’t really have a discussion without AGS contributing actively. We need to understand what about the state of New World spells success to you because many people are watching it tipple away at basically the same pace since launch.

I think a lot of people would like to hear something that smacks of a bit more candidness from AGS. Everything to point feels so belt-fed, so canned. Even these generic replies all over the forums, ‘we’ll forward that to the team!’, are the Live Laugh Love of community engagement. An open letter would probably go a long way.

Trust that we want this discussion, but when our connotations turn negative AGS seems suspiciously absent from the table.

I don’t expect this to be any different, but I think AGS is underestimating the poor state of their public image and representation.


PvP and shell PvP companies transferring on to servers from other servers they destroy. Then people transferring off the server and eventually the PvP companies that destroyed the server.

AGS needs to lock high pop servers and disable transfers to and from it. If server becomes low pops merge those servers together and lock those without transfers.

So to sum it up big company transfers and shell companies to and from servers are killing them.

AGS needs to force players to compete either through recruitment or alliances not run away to try and start over on a new server because they don’t want to try.


One company taking 4-5 settlements on 4-5 companies. Every other company wants the strongest players on their side so they slot more than half of that company on their war team. You end up playing against the same group of 50 every war and when they’re sitting on 4m a week from all their shell companies they become unbeatable. I’m on my 4th server and my last 3 all died that same way.


A super-company came into the server, signed up some of the strongest players and their friends, and conquered the center territories. They are definitely very strong, but they are also some of the most toxic and arrogant people I have ever interacted with. All of the other PVP companies got tired of being clapped and endlessly trash talked, so they transferred to El Dorado. This super-company then moved a large number of its players to US East and El Dorado; they created alts on Camelot. These alts did not meaningfully contribute to the economy, so it stagnated. They also were helping weak puppet companies defeat incumbents for their land. People got frustrated and started throwing their invasions. In response, they raised taxes to maximum and threatened the server to keep it that way unless we won their invasions for them. A purple-yellow alliance formed and came within 5 seconds of taking Windsward from them. Combined with the fact that their mains on US East and El Dorado were not experiencing success, they decided to leave and gave their lands to Green. Purple and Yellow pretty much immediately defeated their puppet companies in CK and RW, and recently took MD and BW from Green. They’re holding EF, but there’s a WW war looming on the horizon as well.