What kind of melee damage do expedition bosses do?

Is it 100% the type for the dungeon? For example in Lazarus 100% ancient damage for melee hits

Do they do strike, slash, or thrust damage at all?


Also very interested to know above - and do gems help at all to mitigate damage in dungeons ( Trash ?? / Bosses ?? ) … nature , physical , fire, void, arcane etc etc - Does Elemental cover all the non-physical types if gems do work this way in dungeons…pretty new to it all and pretty confused…

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Mobs that have an affix in their name like say “ignited” do that form of elemental damage. So if you have fire resist it would give you some resistance to that type of element. Otherwise they do physical damage.

Also each mob type have resistances to certain types of damage. For instance Ancients in Laz are resistant to fire and slash damage. Fire mostly. So using a firestaff is pretty bad in there. You can probably socket a lightning damage type gem to make it better but I don’t use firestaff so Im not sure. They are highly susceptible to lightning damage and a little less so for strike damage.

Someone made a chart of all this and you can google it pretty easily I think.

Here is a site that explains it pretty well as far as you doing damage to the mobs with the chart I talked about. As for them damaging you the affix in their name tells you the element if they have one otherwise I believe their damage is the same as weapon they are using. Its physical damage of that type.

Each ability for each mob is different. There isn’t a single rule for their damage type. You can tell by the animation usually. Same as players.

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