What make pvp feels so bad?

==== Melee tracking needs to be re-adjusted
here is the process that is happening right now:

The victim player got hit by 1 melee attack → got staggered into walk animation → Use dodge to get away (stamina exchange for HP) (still affected by walk animation) ===> this does not work because: when the victim player already gets tracked on, no matter how hard they dodge/run/distance created, they will eventually be caught up by the attacker using dodge then melee, the tracking will launch attacker at a high distance(enough to catch up to). This is not fun to play against => this creates a process of Mouse 1 + dodge; there is barely any thought process, just a mindless clicking activity; I wouldn’t be honoured beating up my opponent, nor do they have any respect for me doing that.

This melee tracking thing right now creates a significant advantage for lower ping players against high ping players; low ping gets a significant advantage due to this broken tracking, while high ping players will barely track.

Test it for yourself; if a player has about 170 pings up, try using a hatchet and normal attack + dodge on a player running straight forward, you will barely hit anything.
Then compare it to a 20-ping player and see how big of a difference it is. This work on any melee weapon, especially in the case of hatchet/greatsword/rapier/spear/sword

FIX → melee tracking should be cancelled upon the victim player using dodge => buff launch distance to improve player control over the weapon → this is the change that rewards the better player

==== Greatsword massive damage

  • A Greatsword is a juggernaut weapon. It does not care how many constitutions you have; it hits, and you die. This is why it does not matter how much stamina you use to dodge the weapon because 1 ability is enough to bring your health to 0. pair it with any weapon that has a chase ability, like a hatchet or greatsword, unless you are abusing hatchet animation cancelling, good luck. Not to mention the amount of stagger/anti-root it get from skill/perks.

==== Remove Berserk animation cancel

  • Almost every player who knows a bit about the game can do this; if you don’t, you can still macro it; it is mainly used as a 100% free out-of-jail card knowing the speed + heals it provides + server connection instability + (optional: Zephy cake) + death-defying(not a problem since release), it is insanely stupid to see those kinds of playing around without any ways to punish that, the idea of having berserk casting animation is to make sure you calculated your route/plan to engage nor disengage, now it is bypassed, make it so much more powerful.

==== swapping hatchet berserk mid stun removal

  • SWAPPING to hatchet MID-STUN to ACTIVATE berserk to CLEANSE STUN should not be allowed; I believe this is unintentional. Suppose the player is already holding a hatchet. In that case, it is totally fine for them to activate berserk, but the ability to swap to hatchet and then activate berserk is too much forgiving. it is frustrating for the player who even tried to bait for a stunning ability, in a clump fight yeah does not matter, but in 1 on 1 situation, it gives the hatchet player massive advantages → imagine an unbreakable force running it down onto your face, can’t be stunned, can’t die, can’t be outrun, can’t do massive damage on you because surely this player will eventually pair with a great sword, or spear, or great axe, and you are definitely helpless, there is barely any counter play to it, you can only run to your team and even then the player can still decide to trade with you 1 on 1 because they barely think, the melee tracking is already playing the game for them, you can argue good player will do something out of it but they can get anything out of it, and they might even get out of that situation due to hatchet berserk cancel + death-defying.
    If you have a lower ping and are playing a melee weapon, the game already plays for you.
    Also, playing as a 150 cons player get 70% health gone in 1 slash/ability by greatsword IS FUN.
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