What makes a house a home?

Jayne Wier - Orofena - Red shutter one story tudor behind the right side of the town project board. Grab a jug of ale and relax! My first house! A work in progress!


That looks great! Nice job :blush:

Thank You! Just getting started with furnishing. Thanks again!


This explains the people that keep breaking into my house to sleep in my yard. I have to chase them off with a broom!

Wonderful house btw!

Also! I’m now on Orofena, what town is this in? I struggle with the context in the images. Would be fun to visit in person!

Windward! Red shutter tudor behind to the right of the town project board. Thanks for! saying! If you do visit don’t forget to press the right arrow above right alt key.

What will this do?

Very nice job btw; it’s good to see new players who enjoy decorating! I only wish we were on the same server so I could donate some higher end furniture. Interior design has become end game for me and my friend in New World! I hope you keep posting as you collect more furnishings.

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Today I moved out from my mom’s house at 32. Wish me luck!

Thanks for the compliments! I am not a new player. I was here when they opened the doors. The combat and visuals are exceptional but game size and other issues… well… I did take a sabbatical! I have my 2nd character to make and visit houses I see posted on other servers.

Adding to the house to make it a home! Right click image and open link in new tab to see full screen!

A house is not a home without music!

Is this runescape3D?

Music by Ravnskjold

What makes a house a home? A finished dining area! (kinda) (maybe)

Jayne Weir - Orofena - Last house on the right behind the town project boards.
Right click image choose “open link in new tab” to see image full size

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