What makes Dark Vengeance BiS for healers?

Blessed is obvious, but is refreshing move really that good? Doesnt VG have enough CDR?

Ty for advice!

I guess its all about Blessed and to some extend maybe Lifestealing, Refreshing move is worthless on VG.

Its not, atleast not for pvp where anything other than rapier is automatically bad.

Your answer is utterly confusing, did you post in the wrong thread by accident?

Well assuming we are talking about PvE right? Idk, honestly I’m mostly using life staff for healing and getting in attacks to keep your life staff abilities up, from it’s own refreshing move/heavy attacks for the buff. More often than not I’m just dropping an oblivion for support or maybe an orb. The perks really don’t mean much at all in my opinion. Obviously doesn’t mean we can’t max it out but blessed is probably the most important perk. Beyond that I’m not sure. Even keen/keenly fortified would provide something. Keen speed something else. Keenly empowered for most builds is worthless due to the cap but that’s mostly for DPS.

In expeditions and lower mutators, maybe even DPS phase of caretaker you can pull out your blade and help so two other perks for DPS perhaps. Enchanted? Viscious? In general you should have a good enough team that they don’t need you for caretaker and your primary goal should be to focus on healing. So drop the oblivion and switch back to life staff.

As for the other comment, that’s all PVE, in PVP it’s all about rapier for sure. You want mobility in most situations.

Not sure if this helps!

He asked what make that vg bis for healers, my response was that no mater the perk combination its impossible for a vg to be bis for healers because rapier is the only viable secondary.

Ah thx a lot, now i understand.

I mean, DV goes for 240k+ because its supposedly “bis.” I want to know why tho? Like arent there better perks for PVE?

I only use VG as tactical when extra dps needed. I use Oblivion, Essence Rupture and Void blade.
When I begin dpsing I use Essence Rupture and Oblivion to assist dps while I am busy dpsing as healing and debuff.
In my experience the only thing matters is blessing and that type or Bane(like angry earth bane, ancients bane etc.)

From a Healers perspective, in PvE, using VG as a secondary weapon, only Blessed is important.

While lifeleech could be somewhat useful for times where you dont need to Heal and could engage the enemy, Refreshing move is a totally wasted Perk Slot. VG has multiple Options to reduce its CDs baked into the skill tree which would be far more effective.

I’d rather have a weapon perk (Nullifying Oblivion/Voracious Blades/Putrefying Scream/Diminishing Orb) as a third Perk to open up an armor perk slot.

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If you are a big VG fanatic, Blessed and Keen (I want Keen Speed but Refreshing Move is a good third) are far more worthwhile especially with the CDR reductions to Refreshing Frailty and Refreshing Precision. If you happen to have a Hearty, Keen Awareness, and Sacred Ring, then you will be able to string 4-5 crits together with a combo like LA → Orb → LA → Essence Rupture → LA.

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