What names did you steal?

Link it up toxic lads.


Gamenadien. He’s this idiot streamer

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What kind of name is Troy?

Says the guy literally named WILL LMAO

Hey man, I have Diabetes.

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Someone stole mine, if you find that guys. let me know… I will hunt him down. So i so steal someone elses… thats right im an a$$

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also ive been up for 2 mins… fck me. Maybe i should read what i write before i hit send. nvm who cares… im not in school anymore

Idk who I stole this name from but everyone thinks I’m a furry and it sucks

At that moment I knew what I had to do. They took everything from me. Well then, I would take everything from them. Pizza Hut was so terrified of being out pizza’d, they forgot there’s one thing worse than a man with a recipe: A man with nothing to lose. I’ll give them a limited time offer they won’t be able to refuse: two bullets for the price of one.

With a free side order of pain.


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